Fishing in April in Costa Rica

Ever wonder why Costa Rica is an ongoing vacation destination for fishing enthusiasts? The good news is that the country is blessed with very diverse weather throughout the year. Fishing is good in Costa Rica throughout the year, but April is one of the best months for fishing in Costa Rica. It is not too windy or humid, with moderate temperatures and good sunny days; you will enjoy the tropical weather, love every minute on the water, and have great fishing. Fishing in April in Costa Rica is all about the blue sky, blue water, and experiencing the famous Costa Rica bite.

Dorado Fish: Fishing in April in Costa Rica
Dorado Fish: Fishing in April in Costa Rica

As the last month before the rainy season and the last month of the dry season, April is the perfect time to take advantage of all that Costa Rica offers. The waters are warmer and attract more life. This concentration of life attracts large schools of pelagic fish and other anglers’ favorites. If you like to fish while on vacation, visiting Costa Rica around April can be the best way to enjoy your vacation, especially when fishing the Costa Rica offshore water.

April offshore fishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s amazing sport fishing starts with offshore fishing on the Pacific, which made Costa Rica fishing famous. The Pacific coast is famous for sailfish, marlin, dorado, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna. The country is blessed to be at the Confluence of two major ocean currents and shielded by enormous mountain ranges. Costa Rica offers calm, clear waters and incredible billfish action throughout the year, earning the nickname of “the Billfish Capital of the World”. If you are looking for a thrilling catch, you will find it with sailfish. Since April is when their season is about to end, they are biting like crazy, which makes them super fun to catch. April is also the first month of the peak black marlin season. You will have a great time fishing in Costa Rica‘s offshore water this time of the year.

April inshore fishing in Costa Rica

Inshore fishing in Costa Rica is just as popular as offshore fishing. The water has been steady and consistent with cubera snapper, Roosterfish, a few snooks, some big red snapper, and lots of jacks. April is often a good month for tarpon fishing in Costa Rica because of the calm seas and sunny weather. Another exciting inshore catch this month is grouper and silver tarpon. If you are interested in fishing near the shore, the roosterfish is one of the most common catches in the area. Your fishing trip can produce a variety of good-eating fish such as mackerel, cubera snapper, snook, and jack crevalle. A normal day of fishing in Costa Rica inshore water in April always promises a good catch.

Fun fishing events in Costa Rica in April

Costa Rica hosts several international fishing tournaments annually. The following are some celebrated events in Costa Rica in April.

The Marina Pez Vela Open: The event, which takes place in April, sticks to fishing rules and is expected to offer big cash rewards to its international contestants. The top three teams with the most points will contest for cash and prizes.

The Offshore World Championship: This event is strictly by invitation; the tournament hosts teams from around the world in Quepos, which is considered the billfish capital of the world. This event always takes place in April; it is a multicultural gathering where anglers come together to contest and share different ideas and techniques.

Signature Triple Crown – Leg 3: This event started in 2004 and consisted of three annual tournaments. The tournament has been very successful not only because of the large number of billfish releases but also because of the opportunity to compete against the best teams in the world, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Best Spots to fish in April

Los Sueños: Costa Rica has a lot of fishing spots, whether inshore or offshore. Los Sueños is world-renowned for its big fish and great billfish. While it’s a popular fishing spot year-round, April is one of the best months to catch striped marlin, black marlin, and sailfish here.

Quepos: Fishing is always great here; this fishing spot holds the title of sailfish capital in the world. Snapper, marlin, dorado, and roosterfish are common catches in this area. Inshore fishermen will come across many mackerel, roosterfish, and jack crevalle here. This will continue throughout April, and the only change will be the species available here.

Best Fishing methods

Popper Fishing: This is one of the most exciting fishing methods in Costa Rica’s inshore and offshore waters. Since April is one of the best months of the year to catch some of the biggest Costa Rica fish like roosterfish, tuna, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, and jack crevalle. This fishing method will do wonders during this time; it is one of the best methods to tackle these species.

Jigging: This is one of the most effective fishing methods to fish in Costa Rica waters. For Jigging enthusiasts, April offers the opportunity to catch everything that swims in the Pacific, such as yellowfin tuna, blue snapper, grouper, and many more.

Trolling: This is the most common method of deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica. If you are having a slow day without bites, or the sea conditions are not perfect, or you are tired of jigging or casting all day. Trolling can be the answer, you can try slow or fast trolling, both are effective ways to fish in Costa Rica water in April.


April is a month to take into consideration if you are looking for the best time of year to fish in Costa Rican waters. Due to the calm seas and bright weather, April is usually the peak bite season in Costa Rica. You have a good chance of landing some of the best fish you will never forget. This is when fishermen go out, and when they return, they always smile home. If that is what you want, you will certainly get it if you fish in Costa Rican water in April.