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Costa Rica Fishing Charters

All the way up to custom luxury fishing yachts at 40ft or more…

Offshore Fishing

Fishing points on the high seas is relatively short distance by boat, which means that fishing time is longer than travel time and the state is ripe for large predators

Los Suenos Fishing

It is the first choice destination in Costa Rica by sport fishermen, golfers and families looking for the highest quality American style services.

Quepos Fishing Trips

Professional and recreational anglers around the world have long known that fishing in Costa Rica’s monster fish trophy products especially in the central Pacific. This area is considered one of the very best fishing in the Pacific.

Adventure in to the best Costa Rica fishing experience!


Costa Rica VIP Transportation


Private Transfers: Professional drivers can pick you up at the airport, for instance, or hotel, in one of their comfortable air-conditioned Mini-Buses

Jaco Costa Rica

Jaco Beach

The town of Jacó Beach is the closest readily accessible beach to San José and still has the reputation of being the “fun and sun” spot on the Pacific coast.

Costa Rica Fishing

Sport Fishing

Costa Rica’s warters are rich on giant Marlin, super Sailfish, super vigorous Tarpon, record-class Snook and more than a dozen hard-hitting freshwater species.

Costa Rica Fishing Tours

Shoreline Sport Fish Costa Rica

What can you expect to get in the fertile blue waters along the lush coast of Costa Rica? If you decide to stay close to the coast, you are sure to find lots of snapper, who like rocky areas left by the volcanic history of Costa Rica. Snappers find up can weigh 60 pounds and are captured throughout the year.

Snook are other fish throughout the year are close to the coast; These fish feed on fish and crustaceans near the reefs and wrecks that dot the coast and usually grow up to 20-30 pounds smaller.

The rooster is one of the most famous fish of Costa Rica, as well as one of the most prized catch. Most rooster caught off the coast of Costa Rica weighs 20-40 pounds, while those weighing 50 pounds are not uncommon from. These fish are known fighters, so an exciting capture for new and experienced even fishermen.

Costa Rica Fishing

When finished the incredible fishing playgrounds, yet you have the pleasant walk back to the calm, protected waters. Then the festivities the night can begin. Put yourself in our care, replace street clothes kit with fun party, then get ready for action!
Private & share Charters

Costa Rica Fishing

Jaco is just one of many sites available. Our goal is to make your stay memorable fishing and dream begins less than an hour near Los Suenos Marina. If you can not find the fish we are looking suddenly jumped on the radio and find out where the fish are hiding.
Private & share Charters

Costa Rica Fishing

Finding suitable accommodation is almost as easy as catching fish in one of our fishing trips Jaco, Costa Rica. Jaco has evolved with tourism and the visitor in mind, you will find a variety of hotels and resorts to choose from. the choice is yours
Private & share Charters

Deep Water Sport Fish Costa Rica

If you decide to venture into deep water off the coast, you will discover a new world of fishing just 30-60 minutes from shore. blue marlin and sailfish and black are among the largest and most desirable sport fishing in the deep waters of Costa Rica, from 150 to 500 pounds.

Yellowfin is a potentially huge new outlet, with strong growth such as 200 pounds and well known that some fish strongest in the sea. Hang a pilgrim is a unique and exhilarating experience of these fish often take the fight out of water, to test their fishing skills as they jump and run on your line.

An adult can be pilgrim as long as ten feet and weigh up to 100 pounds or more, with spectacular prices at any time of the year.

SportFishing Costa Rica Tours
 Your Local Costa Rica Fishing Experts

Costa Rica Fishing Packages & Day Tours,  Full Vacations  Packages, and many activities… By planning and booking your trip with us…

 we will produce the peace of mind that fishing experience on fishing charters with professionals, along with the team of world class an unloading mechanisms, regions of the presence of the most professional captains and crews.

Fishing Charters and Tours May Include

  • Private Transportation
  • A accommodations and other activities
  • Snacks
  • Beers
  • Waters and Drinks

World records are here and waiting for you. This area of Costa Rica has been and is home to more world record catches than nearly anywhere else on the planet.

Our Captain´s work with and are members of the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) and if you are after a world record we can make sure that your record catch is properly submitted to the IGFA.

Costa Rica Fishing “Rock and Roll” the boat is one of the largest charter at Los Suenos Marina, ideal for large Bachelor Parties groups, Famous for it,s Fishing Tours  The Rock and Roll

Important details:

  • Pick Up Time: 07:00
  • Min people: 1.
  • Location: Los Sueños Marina
  • Visit time: a half-day and full-day tours
  • Includes: Top speed angling, open bar, food, experienced captain and crew
  • Recommendations: Sun block, Sun glasses
  • Price: Full Day $ 2.600

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Costa Rica Fishing boat in Los Suenos

Costa Rica Sport Fishing Boats

RockandRoll Costa Rica Sport Fishing


Casa del Mar Jaco Costa Rica
Colina Condos Los Suenos
Hotel Cocal In Jaco Beach
Hotel Rooms Jaco

The Rock and Roll Sport Fishing is a 55-foot Hatteras

Fishermen: up to 8 (plus / person) Engine: Twin Detroit Diesel 12-71 IT Cruising speed: 20 knots Sports, hiking, kayaking, surf fishing and bird watching in Costa Rica are among the best in the world. Marlin, sailfish, tuna and deep sea fishing are sports game and take daily trips for sport fishing in Costa Rica. Los Suenos Marina, Customization of packages for Your group, are all inclusive sport fishing for anglers and terrestrial adventures at different levels for addicts biologically intense trip… When You’re in Vacation don’t forget to check this places out

Costa Rica fishing provides the most fertile fishing grounds in the world

We at Costa Rica Fishing aim to give you the deep sea fishing and sport fishing is an experience of a lifetime. We try our best to be in the forefront by offering you a combination of the best price, best captains and to place you in an area where the fish are running. so mater what your pleasure, we can offer you the best Fishing experience, for big marlin,tuna, Wahoo, sail fish, rooster fish, Snook, tarpon, snapper, and as many other species. But what really separates us from the rest of the competitor? Serious attention for our customers !

Costa Rica Bachelor Party

Costa Rica Fishing Yactht

Costa Rica Fishing Yactht

Great Costa Rica charter experience

The fish migrate in somewhat predictable patterns here and we make every effort to stay on top of it. We also know that you like to literally follow the fish. We wish to assure you that we make every attempt to assure you that this information that we give you is accurate and up to date. We also count on you having a great Costa Rica charter experience coupled with your Costa Rica vacation.

We depend on your good will, repeat business and personal referrals. While you are freezing in the cold and unpredictable weather of the north, we are basking in the eternal sunshine in Costa Rica from December to May. This is our high season for sport fishing.

On the other hand the off season, this still can be fascinated which offers you the opportunity go run of the best Fishing charters and you will still catch more fish than you would ever imagined.

Costa Rica Jaco & Los Sueños  Charters operated

Here only One world separates the real fisherman from the tail-teller; Come to where the catcher’s catch!! It is important to book early for the high season of December through April. with all Costa Rica Charters operated by captains with alot experienced & always work really hard your fishing trip making it a success. We do want to emphasize that all depend on your recommendations to keep growing our business.

We want you to enjoy your vacation and share your experiences with family and friends. Many of our captains have extensive fishing in the United States and are Coast Guard certified. In fact one was relating his experience in Key West Florida. He now is able to catch 10-11 sail fish per day which is what he was able to catch in a 300 day season in Key West. Circle hooks are used and the sails are released to guarantee good future catches.


los suenos fishing Costa Rica

los suenos fishing Costa Rica

costa rica fishing experts

costa rica fishing experts

Many of the captains will customize your fishing experience

One day you can go for record big game fish and the next you can go to the feeding areas for red snapper and the like. Normally only the amount of fish for eating purposes is brought in and the rest released.

One of our top captains working out of the Marina at “Los Sueños” recently reported his best fishing in his 20 years experience in Costa Rica. During a recent three week period he averaged 15 marlins a day. Can you imagine that? A couple of the captains put on a lavish lunch spread.

All trips include unlimited beer and beverage as well as food. Please indicate your personal needs under additional information. This will be very helpful in determining which marina will serve you best on your trip. For example, Quepos boasts one of the finest beaches in Costa Rica for swimming purposes along with a reasonably good nightlife.

About Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Jacó Beach has approximately 100 restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. Playa Jaco is where the action is from December to April. also representing the parties beach in Costa Rica.

This beach, for instance, has many north Americans and is just one hour  from the international airport Juan Santa Maria.

With these choices, it is clear that we can provide you with an experience to suit your personal needs; one that will bring you back again and again. We are most anxious to please as personal referrals are an important and big part of our business.

jaco beach costa rica

jaco beach costa rica

Sport fishing is an exciting way to enjoy a day or more during your vacation in Costa Rica. A variety of big fish and small sports simply competing for your bait, making it a memorable day and a few tales of amazing fish to entertain family and friends at home. Costa Rica Fishing Experts is pleased to offer a variety of fishing opportunities can be added to one of our vacation packages to Costa Rica; Contact us to learn about the sport fishing adventures that await you!

costa rica fishing trips

costa rica fishing trips

Sport Fishing Tips

Beginners and professionals can benefit from some simple tips to keep in mind during a fishing trip. If you are prone to seasickness or not, take medication with you to ensure comfort if water becomes unstable. You dress in layers often advisable, as the sea breezes or clouds can even do a hot day seems cold when on the water. fishing lures and different types of baits can help you access a wider variety of sport fishing, so talk with your guide on the type of fish you want to catch and bait types that are best for the job . Do not forget your camera to capture all your memorable experiences in the film, if you are worried about losing an expensive camera, buy a waterproof camera disposable water to continue their fishing trip.

Sport fishing is one of the most popular holiday activities in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Fishing Experts invites you to explore our coastal waters with one of our amazing tours and personalized! You can find more tips on holiday and suggestions on our blog, or visit the website to book your vacation rental in Costa Rica today.

Top Costa Rica Fish Species

Rooster Fish

Rooster, the common goal of sport fishing in Costa Rica
One of the most sought after and exciting inshore fish that roam throughout the west coast of Costa Rica.

They usually are silver, and exhibit a wide range of size. With an average of 15 to 20 pounds, 40 pounds is common, and more than 80 pounds of fish were taken in the waters of Costa Rica. It is distinguished by its “cockscomb” seven very long spines of the dorsal fin fish that made him makes it truly unique.

They are voracious predators feed mainly on small fish like sardines and other small fish silver; They are traveling in food packages chasing the shore.

A family member Jack, which are edible, but not considered a fish for human consumption primary.

Locations: They frequently travel in large schools and considerable distances, usually after the shoals of smaller bait; located in the hot water temperature in excess of 80 degrees and depths of 100 feet. outcroppings of volcanic rock are one of his favorite places, but also roam behind the lines of surf and near the mouths of rivers flowing into the Pacific.

Fishing methods: Rapala Trolling lures or similar will Roosterfish and fishing lures slow crawl belly skirts. Usually he was surprised with the smooth controlled slowly, live bait like sardines just outside the surf line, outward from the coast to about a quarter mile. Roosters can be taken throughout the year, but are most commonly caught from November to March.

Marlin is one of the most popular and sought after game fish in the world. Costa Rica is lucky to have three different types of Marlin roaming cobalt seas:

Blue Marlin: back blue stripes of blue light, silvery white belly, electric blue fins and tail. Flat folding pectoral fins have two keels on the union of body and caudal fin, dorsal fin of lavender, a curved downward short lower jaw and a short round heavy peak; the beginning of the second dorsal starts forward the start of the second anal fin.
Black Marlin, the prize in sport fishing, Costa Rica

– Striped marlin: is characterized by its long compressed body is dark blue above, below and has silver and blue series light vertical stripes on its sides. The upper jaw forms a long spear rounded with small teeth. The first dorsal fin striped marlin is dark blue, forming a triangular beak longer than the height of the body; this first dorsal fin ends near the origin of the second dorsal fin.
Striped marlin, common goal of sport fishing, Costa Rica

– Black Marlin: characterized by a long sturdy body that is dark to black blue above, below silvery white, has a limited number of -if any- vertical stripes on the sides and pectoral fins that are not They fold flat against the body as a feature key identification. His upper jaw forms a longspear rounded and has small long thin beak and teeth
Marlin, Sportsfishing, Costa Rica
Blue marlin is the most common billfish caught in Costa Rica. These range in size up to five hundred pounds with occasional larger fish shipped. Costa Rica has yet to see a larger, although they have taken several fish over 900 pounds of fish and more than 1000 pounds have been hooked and lost. black marlins are also taken in the same waters. Several fish over 700 pounds have been recorded and reported that the much larger fish have been connected. These average 150 to 200 pounds brilliant fighters.

Typical Location: Along current lines, leaving the continental shelf, reefs and shore where warm current is running or in open bait fish around sea. Juveniles move in schools of the same age along the coast and islands.
Fishing methods: trolling mullet or mackerel, trolling live skipjack and other small tuna or squid lures and plastic. Marlin can be caught throughout the year, but better between April and August, with a peak in May.

Breastplates, Costa Rica Sport Fishing
Wahoo is a dark blue-green fish found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas. Samples have been recorded at speeds of up to 2.5 meters (8 feet) in length and weighing up to 83 kilograms (180 pounds). Growth can be rapid. Wahoo can swim up to 75 kilometers (47 miles) per hour.

Wahoo meat is delicate and white, considered very good in quality. This has made Wahoo one of the best eating fish in the sea.

Wahoo is characterized by its very long, the cognate body, blue-green on top and silver on the sides, with a short snout, a huge set of teeth and a very long continuous dorsal fin. 24-30 also has distinctive blue bars, some of which are double Y-shaped, on their sides. There are eight to nine fin between the dorsal fin and the tail fin and 9 fins between the anal fin and the tail fin.

Typical Location: Coral reefs where warm current is running near the coast in the open ocean around bait fish, records and current lines, and deep reefs and holes in the seabed.

Fishing methods: trolling lures, minnows or feather lures near the reef, trolling strip bait often in combination with plastic squid and smooth drifting live bait or mackerel.

The first sign usually begins with the onset of the rainy season (May) and the peak time is usually July and August.
Swordfish, fishing, Costa Rica

Swordfish are large, highly migratory, predatory fish characterized by a long, flat bill in contrast to the smooth, round bill Marlins. This is one, though elusive popular sport fishing. Swordfish are elongated, round body, and lose all teeth and scales in adulthood. Reaching a maximum size of 14 feet (4.3 m) and 1,190 pounds (540 kg).

Swordfish are nocturnal, it is why night fishing is becoming more popular among anglers.

Its background color is variable: black, grayish blue, brown, purple or bronze metal; its sides are dark; under dirty white belly; The Long and flat as upper jaw sword; lack scales, teeth and pelvic fins. He has one keel on each side of the body at the front of the queue; the first dorsal fin is high, rigid and short; and swordfish has big eyes.

Typical Location: Swordfish are distributed throughout the world’s marine ecosystems: tropical, subtropical and temperate waters. They tend to focus on the major ocean currents meet, and along temperature fronts. They inhabit the mixed surface waters where temperatures are above 15 ° C.
Fishing method: Good bait is key to any type of fishing dead bait such as mackerel or squid on a good large pin a work platform. I live bait work well, too. You should trim the tails down on the live bait to make them easier for the swords to catch, this will help your hook ups.


The most common fish sailfish in Costa Rica, sportfishing
Sailfish live in all oceans of the world. All species of sailfish are fast growing, reaching 1.2 to 1.5 meters in length in a single year, feeding on the surface or in midwater pelagic fish and small squid. Overall, sailfish do not grow more than 10 feet long and rarely weigh more than 200 pounds, although larger specimens have been seen off the coast of Costa Rica.

People who have registered speeds up to 68 mph making them the fastest fish in the ocean.

They are blue to gray. Sailfish is characterized by its large first dorsal fin sail-shaped, which is much higher than the width of your body, which runs almost the entire length of her body and has many small common black spots on the front end. Coloration of Sailfish background is dark blue and white underneath.

Typical Location: Sailfish is a species of tropical and temperate waters, usually located above the thermal gradient in the first 100 feet of the water column. Prefer water at sea from 21 to 28 Celsius temperatures.
Fishing method: Use teasers to bring the fish sailing ship and target them individually lures or live bait. Caught every month of the year, from May to August, usually the high season. September to November are the slowest months.

Bonito, good fish bait for Marlin, Sportsfishing Costa Rica

Nice could be confused with the Black kite (having 5 to 6 horizontal stripes along its upper side and distinctive black spots) or skipjack tuna (series of 4 to 6 stripes horizontal diagonals along their upper sides and no points).

This is a rather simplified tuna. It is the only tuna with longitudinal stripes on its back. Come to live at least nine years, usually reach sexual maturity at age 2 can weigh 10 kg and reach a length of one meter.

Bonito has a “similar” appearance, blue-gray flanks silver (darker on the head), dark and belly, and a series of five to six oblique along his upper back stripes. The dorsal fin Bonito is dark, although the second dorsal fin has a white tip. No points between the pelvic and pectoral fins.

Typical Location: Binito can be found throughout the Gulf of Nicoya, often seen on the surface chasing small bait.
Fishing method: Live bait, lures feathers or controlled quickly. For the size gets a great fight.

Great to eat, they can be caught in the waters offshore in Costa Rica

El Dorado, Dolphin Fish, gold or “gold” in Spanish can be easily recognized by its unique shape and bright color. When connected, it lights up with fish almost neon colors and put up and out, jump, fight tail walking.

Has a compressed body with a long concave anal fin, a single dorsal fin along the length of the body extends, very long pectoral fins that are greater than half the length of the head, pelvic fins originating on the fins pectoral and caudal fin deeply forked. The fins are typically yellow.

The male has a female head erect and has a rounded head. The male is larger and heavier than the female.

Typical Location: In the open ocean around logs, flotsam, weed lines, in the warm currents and around the buoys.
Fishing methods: Trolling smooth dead, mackerel or squid baits drag strip (often in combination with squid plastic), trolling smaller lures, or drifting with a small live bait (a often with chum). More well it is known as dolphin, which are most abundant from late May to October.

Skipjack tuna
Good sport on light tackle, and a large live bait
Skipjack tuna could be confused with the Black kite (having 5 to 6 horizontal stripes along their upper sides, but has to distinguish black dots or fails between their pelvic and pectoral fins), the skipjack tuna (8 to 11 broken horizontal stripes along its sides and no points), or the Pacific Bonito Oriental (5-6 oblique dark stripes on the upper back and no points).

This fish is characterized by its appearance “related” is dark blue on the back and silver in his flank and belly. It has a series of four to six horizontally-diagonal stripes along their top sides, and there are no points between the pelvic and pectoral fins; the upper body is dark blue to black and the lower body is silver with four to six dark stripes long and short pectoral fins.

Typical Location: Along current lines, drop continental shelf and deep reefs. In open ocean around bait fish small.
Fishing methods: Most fish are caught by trolling or casting small lures from a boat. Catches are also made with small flies or baits integral strips, fish or meat.

Yellowfin tuna
Tuna sport fishing catch common in Costa Rica
Light tuna that are not easily confused with other species. However, it is similar in appearance to the Albacore (which has unusually long pectoral fins and fins dark gray), bigeye tuna (which has a very deep body, large eyes, yellow fin edged in black, and an iridescent blue band on the other hand), and bluefin tuna north (which has short pectoral fins, a second dorsal fin is reddish brown and dark yellow wings with black borders).

Yellowfin tuna, perhaps the king of tuna, is characterized by its “related” body dark metallic blue back, sides yellow, silver and white belly with 20 oblique vertical broken lines. It also has very large dorsal and anal fins second that are fairly close together, and has bright yellow dorsal and anal fins and black narrow borders.

Typical Location: Open Ocean along the current lines and temperature changes.
Fishing methods: Trolling plastic lures, squid, live bait or bait strips often in combination with plastic skirts, or drifting at anchor with hook and bait.

Gulf Stream cobalt blue waters combined with the mineral rich waters of the Pacific have created some of the most fertile fishing grounds in Central America. We know that the best boats and captains for their memorable adventure! Wearing ultra-modern marina sliding 250 dreams and the brand new Marina Pez Vela in Quepos-Manual Antonio are only short-term plans for the seas of blue water. The coast, the angle wahoo, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, dorado, blue marlin and black marlin. On the coast you will find snapper and sea bass and exciting fighters rooster fish. All captains and mates have many years of experience and are licensed and qualified. Call us, we’ll sign up!

We invite you to enjoy our trips. You can incorporate car rentals, visits to national tourist attractions and additional excursions should you wish. There are very many interesting attractions, including wonderful surfing, the natural thermal waters of “Tabacón”, wet and dry rain forests, biodiversity, and eco-tourism. Whatever the fish you are looking for: Once again we have marlin, sail fish, tuna, Wahoo, Snook, rooster fish, snapper, tarpon and other species. But we are much more than just a one dimensional fishing tour operator. Vist Jaco Beach Bachelor party

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