In Shore Fishing in Costa Rica

Shore-coast fishing in COSTA RICA is constant throughout the year. Roosterfish, cuban snapper are the main attraction, but the waters along the beaches and the mouth of the river add to the menu. A dozen other species such as dog snapper, grouper, amber cage, bluefin trevally, sharks and barracuda and many more cruise these waters.


The most targeted on the shore fish is available in the year of the good number here in COSTA RICA water. They will average 20-50 pounds and can run as large as 100lb’s or more. COSTA RICA the gulf of Dulce Bay is simply loaded with sardines and blue runners the best bait ever for roosters. We have had many clients after a big one and every time they come home with big smiles.


We have here in COSTA RICA dozen or more different species of snappers from 3 pounds to up to 50 pounds. Cuber snapper is the most common along with dog snapper, snapper, red snapper, and many more. (Most everything very good to eat.)


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