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Roosterfish in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Inshore Fishing

If you are looking to go for roosterfish, Jacks, Snook and Snapper then you are in the right place get it going

Inshore Fishing Costa Rica: Snook Fish
Inshore Fishing Costa Rica: Snook Fish


Shore-coast fishing in Costa Rica is constant throughout the year. Roosterfish and Cuban snappers are the main attraction, but the waters along the beaches and the mouth of the river add to the menu.

A dozen other species such as dog snapper, grouper, amber, bluefin trevally, sharks, and barracuda, as well as many other species

Light tackle fishing in the calm waters of Costa Rica’s bays is a great experience for all anglers. From rooster fishing, light tackle for the experienced angler, to bottom fishing for big tackle action for (small and large snapper)

Why Do Inshore Fishing?

There are many reasons to do this type of fishing and one of them is the fact that you can be very close to land since for many it is not feasible to be so far from the bay, however inshore fishing is highly persecuted by fishing lovers action since here we find one of the fish that give more fight as it is the roosterfish


As its name implies, inshore fishing or shore fishing is a form of sport fishing that consists of trying to catch (and release) fish while standing on the shore or on a shoal, although the most It is common for the fisherman to stand by the water at the waist or navigate in a boat with the shore always in plain sight without the help of binoculars or other optical accessories, which can be done at a distance of up to 80 kilometers for a depth of up to 30 meters, even though in the tropical waters of Costa Rica these same conditions can be experienced up to 120 kilometers.

It is a sports modality that allows you to use almost all fishing techniques, from nets to pots, with hook fishing being the most widely used. So if you are not attracted to fishing in the open sea, you will be interested in knowing the wide range of tour packages that Costa Rica offers.

Fish Species you Can Target: Inshore Species

  • Amberjack
  • Barracuda
  • Cubera Snapper – Very Large
  • Grouper
  • Blue Trevally
  • Jack Crevalle
  • Roosterfish


Costa Rica Rooster Fishing
Rooster Fishing

Roosterfish most targeted on the shore fish is available in the year of the right number here in COSTA RICA water. They will average 20-50 pounds and can run as large as 100 lbs or more.

Costa Rica, the Gulf of Dulce Bay, has loaded merely with sardines and blue runners the best bait ever for roosters. We have had many clients after a big one and every time they come home with big smiles.


Snapper Fishing Tours

We have here in Costa Rica a dozen or more different species of snappers from 3 pounds to up to 50 pounds.

Cuber snapper is the most common along with dog snapper, snapper, red snapper, and many more. (Most everything is perfect to eat.)

Costa Rica is one of the top sportfishing destinations in the world. If you need a quick inshore sport fishing fix or just want to relax and enjoy time on the water Costa Rica is your destination.

Consistent tropical weather and consistently great fishing are the main reasons – luxury, affordability, and convenience round out the top five for most travelers to this tropical paradise.

At Costa Rica Fishing Experts we offer you professional world-class offshore and inshore saltwater fishing in Costa Rica. We are a local fishing charter service company and work in cooperation with some of the best hotels. All hotels have modern, luxury features and are situated in a privileged coastal location either on the mainland at in the Central Pacific area. Each of them is perfectly positioned for a completely outstanding Costa Rica fishing vacation.

Costa Rica delivers on all sportfishing travel requirements. Contact us for more information about our sportfishing charters in and around Costa Rica. Costa Rica Fishing Experts is your guide to the best sportfishing vacation our country has to offer.