Pop fishing

Popping, also known as pop fishing, involves attracting and retrieving fish through artificial bait that is dragged along the surface of the water while creating a popping sound. The popper, that is, the lure used, is made of wood or hard plastic and has a hollow, cup-shaped mouth that, when made, resists the surface of the water.

It creates a sound similar to that produced by a wounded fish, in addition, so that it also looks like bait, it is painted and shaped accordingly.

Many fish, such as Kingfish, Pomegranate, Black Bass, Dentex, Kahawai, and Striped Marlin, among others, that stay close to the surface are among the common species attracted to poppers.

popping fishing

However, to try their luck with such large fish, anglers must customize these lures according to the intensity of the work. When it comes to finding a perfect spot, it can be anywhere with rocky structures and shipwrecks closer to the surface.

types of poppers

There are many popping designs out there, but we will focus on the 3 most popular designs that are a must-have in your tackle bag when you go saltwater fishing.


In this model, the cups on the faces will be wide and flared toward the sides. This creates water drag but allows water to easily run off the sides of the face. That way it creates a 360-degree cascading splash effect around the face of the popper which draws a lot of attention from different specimens.

In addition to the great commotion it causes on the surface, the splash adds more drama to the scene as the water shoots up and sideways and lands on the surface in large drops, creating an effect of a predator attacking a bait ball.


Some will have a narrower cup face, but most will also be wide. The flash of the cups will not be as pronounced as that of the Splashers and they will mostly face forward instead of out.

The lure makers’ intention was to have the lure produce a thick trail of bubbles behind the popper during the sweep stage of the pop.

The initial splash won’t be as dramatic, and you’ll get a stronger, deeper ‘BLOOP’, but this allows the face to trap a lot of air, resulting in a trail of bubbles. These will definitely draw the attention of hungry predators nearby, being very effective at popping.

This is an underwater sonic boom attraction style, which is where most of the fish are anyway.

diving poppers

Again, these will have narrower faces compared to conventional poppers and will have a slimmer body profile, similar to stick bait.

This allows the popper to submerge easily after the initial pull but still traps eenough air on the face to create a nice trail of coarse bubbles. The narrow body and narrow tail. tail makes the plug swim in a chopping motion from side to side, creating a zigzag trail of bubbles that drives action-loving anglers crazy.

This makes this one of the most sought-after popper styles, it may not be the most effective, but the action looks so good from above the water that predators must think so, or so beginning anglers do.

Popping technique

There is nothing like the sudden and exciting rush of a fish coming to the surface and exploding on your lure, to master how to surface pop follow these steps:

Select the Right Lure Since topwater poppers come in a variety of sizes and colors, learn the best popper for the species you want to catch, such as the best popper lure for fish.

Know how to manipulate a popper lure so that it floats near the surface.

Throw the popper towards the target area, and wait a few seconds until you manage to stabilize the rhythm.

Takes small amounts of line slowly, making small movements as you retrieve it, The cupped face along the surface will mimic the action of prey such as insects, amphibians, and of course, small fish, also emulating the movement of a fish injured.

To increase your chances of landing your catch as you learn to surface pop, resist the urge to set the hook immediately when the fish strikes, first let it carry the popper underwater, then set the hook firmly.

Mastering popping as a fishing method will make you a true expert, you will be able to organize excellent sports or daily fishing trips to obtain said food on your own.