Snook Fishing

Snook Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

Snook Fish Costa Rica
Snook Fish Costa Rica

The next two fish, snook and tarpon are caught mainly on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, but snook you can also be found on the Pacific side near the mouths of rivers, mangroves, and waves. Snook is found in both fresh and saltwater, sometimes traveling to freshwater rivers, back to the ocean.

This behavior and reproductive habits create a similarity between them and the striped bass. Snooks is also a great eat when they are caught, competing with gold and red snapper with flavor. read about Snook fish here

The Caribbean snook, as its name suggests, is on the Caribbean side, and is the largest and most sought after in Costa Rica snook. The record for this type of snook is over 50 pounds and was caught in Costa Rica, while a lot of 40 pounds are caught each year.

Most snook fishing in Costa Rica is the shore, launching flexible plastic models and light attacks. There are 7 other varieties of snook here in Costa Rica, many of which are located on the Pacific side as well. Snook are hot water fish and are greatly affected by changes in temperature. This is just one of the reasons why they are so capricious, making them difficult to catch. Come to the Pacific or the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and take your picture at a delightful nose.

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