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Dorado Fish

Dorado Fish

Dorado, dolphin and mahi-mahi are all the same fish, and are here all year round with November, December, January, being the best months. If you want to have a chance at the biggest dorado, come and fish in Costa Rica during June and July and you will have your best chance. And who would not want a shot, seeing that mahi-mahi is served all over the world and is one of the best test fish out there. Read Wikipedia 

They are a fish of very different aspect, with bright yellow, green and blue colors under their elongated dorsal fin. When underwater, its colors reflect light and create an incredible glow of fish. The golden world record caught is 88 pounds, but more commonly can be found in the range of three feet 40 pounds when traveling in schools.

Dorado live very short lives, 5 years on average, but they have some of the fastest growth rates for fish in the world. They have a very diverse diet, feeding on squid, crabs, smaller fish and other smaller invertebrates. They are often found on the surface, sometimes grouped under floating debris or patches of seaweed.

A lot of captains in Costa Rica connect to the dolphins while going after sailfish or marlin. They are usually caught while luring baits or ballyhoo, but can also be found when they are thrown into piles of debris or seaweed. Take them in conventional fly or tackle; Hook on one with light tackle and be ready for the fight of a lifetime. Catch a few dorado and bring some, we will find a place to cook in ‘up!

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