Snapper fishing

Snapper fishing in Costa Rica

Snapper Fish

Snapper Fish

Costa Rica have here in dozens of different species of snapper 3 pounds up to 50 pounds. Snapper Cubera is the most common with dog snapper, snapper, spotted pink snapper, and much more.

Snappers are near the piles of stones in about 150 feet of water, and the range of 20-75 pounds, Snapper’s world record was 121 pounds, caught on live bait. Snapper to make light fun action attack, especially by shaking his head forward and back and head to the ocean.

Red Snapper runs much smaller, with the world record of 50 pounds and on average about a foot in length but are among the most delicious fish here.


Most Targeted Fish Species

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The best part of snapper capture; Enjoying them for dinner. Snappers can be caught fishing from the beach, close to mangroves in the Pacific, Atlantic, mainly in Costa Rica. The biggest snapper lifted from the bottom of the ocean and can be captured mainly to shake or while dragging. They eat just about everything put in front of them because they are very aggressive and territorial. While the jig for the snapper, not if you pull a single powerful be surprised.


Types Of Bottom Fishing:


…is an exciting way of fishing the whole water column and hammer away at everything from the bottom to the surface. The hits are aggressive and the fish typically big and strong.

Live Bait

…is a great a way to catch snapper and grouper as any and we do our share. We have good schools of ‘goggle eyes’, ‘blue runners’ and ‘sardines’ and load up before heading to fish, the bottom dwellers are helpless against the temptations to devour our offerings.


…from an anchored boat attracts all sorts of action and is a great way to spend a night.