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wahoo fish

wahoo fish

Wahoo are rare in these waters, but catch a few. They usually connect at 2-4 per year which are in the range of 50-100 pounds. The slender, elongated bodies allow the breastplate to cross the water while feeding. They can grow up to eight feet long and 180 pounds in length and are somewhat similar in appearance to a barracuda and mackerel. Here is more a about Wahoo Fish

Like the barracuda, they have sharp teeth and bite through your line if you do not use the steel leaders. They are also a good tasting fish, but are harder to find due to their tendency to travel individually. Visit Los Suenos Fishing for great Wahoo Fishing Trips

They are found during fishing for marlin or sailfish, and are fed mainly on small fish and squid. Catch them trolling or live bait and you will not be disappointed. Do not plan your Costa Rica fishing trip around catching one of these fish, but if you do, you’ll most likely shout WAHOO all the time to fight the fish.

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