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Yellowfin tuna fishing in Costa Rica

Yellowfin tuna
Yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna is the main species of tuna and is undoubtedly the largest in Costa Rica. These 100 to 300-pound fish test your back, legs, and the whole. The world record for tuna was over 400 pounds, but it was generally found that most of the tuna are more petite and travel in large schools. They see porpoises and have usually found tuna.

Great tuna pool with dolphins and feed the same bait. In addition, as the smallest school for tuna bait, you will find the right needle and sailing training with them. Read more here. Many times hang a small tuna and throw it out, waiting for the big needle to attack.

Enjoy the fight on the lighter gear with the tuna, and be prepared for a wild race against the marlin. In Costa Rica, tuna is found throughout the year, with the best months for yellowfin, from June to September. The best areas for tuna are Quepos and Los Sueños, but they are also located up and down the Pacific coast.  

Most Targeted Fish Species

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Costa Rica Tuna Fishing
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Tuna Fishing in Costa Rica
Yellowfin tuna Sportfishing

As golden, Yellowfins also provide a great fight and, after being taken, can serve an incredible dinner while watching the sunset in Costa Rica. With the opportunity to catch yellowfin tuna, dorado, sailfish, and marlin all on the same trip, they do not want to go fishing in Costa Rica.

For many fishing enthusiastic catching tuna is a must in their Costa Rica Vacation the reason for that is there a preference on Fish; as you well know, tuna is a delicacy

How to catch Yellow Fin Tuna

We all know that fishing is base on luck and experience, but they are things that you can try to expand your change of catching fish; some people like having live bait, live bait is not only useful for Roosterfish or Marlin; Tuna like live sardine though normally it will have some extra cost for the client to have it on the boat but many for many is an extra ace up the sleeve.

Fishing with teaser and Lures

For tuna or other species, a teaser is a lure or selection of lures that are dragged through the water without or with hooks to imitate a panicked fish or bait school, which in turn attracts, provokes, and stimulates a fish to trigger an aggressive bite, they are many diferents styles of lures use with the purpose of catching tuna and as well as different techniques to use a theme, so book your Yellow Fin Tuna with us and let our experts give you tips on this fishing experience.

Tips for catching yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna are highly prized game fish for their speed and strength. Here are some general steps on how to fish for yellowfin tuna:

  1. Find the Right Location: Yellowfin tuna are typically found in warm, offshore waters, often near underwater canyons, seamounts, or other underwater structures. Knowing where to look for yellowfin tuna is key to a successful fishing trip.
  2. Choose the Right Gear: Yellowfin tuna are powerful fish that require heavy-duty fishing gear. A stand-up or trolling rod with a 50-80 pound test line is recommended, paired with a high-capacity reel and a sturdy fighting harness to help distribute the weight of the fish during the fight.
  3. Use Live or Artificial Bait: Yellowfin tuna are opportunistic predators and will feed on various prey, including small fish, squid, and other cephalopods. Live bait, such as skipjack tuna, mackerel, or sardines, or artificial lures, such as trolling plugs, jigs, or poppers, can be effective in attracting yellowfin tuna.
  4. Trolling Techniques: Trolling is the most common method for targeting yellowfin tuna. Use a spread of lures or bait lines, each positioned at different depths and distances from the boat. Use heavy-duty snap swivels and leaders to avoid losing the fish during the fight.
  5. Chunking Technique: Another popular method for targeting yellowfin tuna is chunking. This involves chumming the water with small pieces of bait, such as sardines or squid, to attract the tuna. Use a heavy-duty hook with a large bait, such as a chunk of tuna or squid, and drop it to the desired depth.
  6. Set the Hook: When targeting yellowfin tuna, setting the hook quickly and firmly is important. Please wait until you feel the weight of the fish on the line and then give a strong, upward jerk to set the hook in its mouth. Keep the line tight and apply steady pressure to prevent the fish from escaping.
  7. Fight the Fish: Yellowfin tuna are strong fighters and can make long, powerful runs. Use a smooth, steady drag and avoid jerky movements that could cause the line to snap. Use the fighting harness to help distribute the weight of the fish and avoid getting fatigued during the fight.
  8. Proper Handling and Storage: Yellowfin tuna are delicious and highly sought-after for their meat. It’s important to properly handle and store the fish after catching it to maintain its freshness and flavor. Bleed the fish by cutting its gills and then stored it on ice or in a cooler as soon as possible.

Please note that fishing regulations and techniques may vary depending on the location, season, and local laws. It’s always important to check and comply with the local fishing regulations and guidelines and consider hiring a local fishing guide for the best chances of success and to ensure sustainable fishing practices.