Roosterfish in Costa Rica



The most targeted in the fishes of the coast is available year number here in the water of Costa Rica. They average 20-50 pounds. And it can run as big as 100 pounds or more. They are trapped in Costa Rica throughout the year, and never disappoint the fishermen with their power and unique beauty. Connecting with one of these monsters is amazing as to bend his rod with brute force and try to pull down to the bottom of the ocean with them. A cousin of the cat, cockfish are found mainly on the coast near the piles of rock, but can also be found near the mouths of rivers and near the waves. more about rooter fish Here

I have never found it better than here at the southern end of Costa Rica to rooster fishing place. Roosters, or “cocks” in Spanish, are mostly caught with the mule of live bait or blue runners, and can be caught on the fly. The Gulf of Dulce Bay is loaded with blue sardines and runners, the best bait for roosters. We had a lot of customers after a large one and each time went home with big smiles.

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