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Fishing in november

Fishing in November in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those countries blessed with great fishing spots. There aren’t many saltwater fish species you can’t find in Costa Rica water. If you love fishing and are looking for a great vacation destination, look no further than Costa Rica. The country has been recognized worldwide for its sport fishing. It is probably heaven for fishermen, with its Pacific ports and many coastline resorts that boast some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. There are several fish species commonly caught off the Costa Rica shores, including Black and Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Red Snapper, and Dorado, also known as Mahi Mahi. Fishing the Pacific Ocean is one of the many fun activities available in Costa Rica.

Offshore: Fishing in November in Costa Rica
Offshore: Fishing in November in Costa Rica

The Country has excellent fishing throughout the year and millions of visitors travel to this tropical heaven. But, there is something unique about fishing in Costa Rica in November. One of them is the weather; this period is also called the green season. This is because during November the rain is not too heavy. It will probably rain in the afternoon for a few hours, which in my opinion is the perfect time to fish the reefs, coves, and wrecks of the nearby beaches. November offers great fishing opportunities in any part of Costa Rica,

And if you are a marlin enthusiast, November is the best month to catch the best marlin. These species roam the entire west coast of Costa Rica, during November fishermen are catching blue marlin, black marlin, and striped marlin. Whether you are fishing offshore from Tamarindo, Quepos, or the Osa Peninsula, Marlin is definitely one of the main attractions in November. Though it’s not the only species swimming offshore, November is also a great month for plentiful Mahi Mahi, big yellowfin, and lightning-fast wahoo.

Tuna Fishing Adventure in November
Tuna Fishing Adventure in November

If you are not interested in offshore fishing, there are a lot of Inshore fishing opportunities that can still keep you busy in November. Grouper, Roosterfish, Snapper, and Amberjack are all common species you can hook Inshore. Despite the excitement of offshore fishing in Costa Rica, inshore species can be found in varieties of bays, inlets, coves, and reefs. It’s great fun to fish anywhere in Costa Rica this month, so don’t rule out Inshore fishing. Particularly roosterfish, with their fluffy fins and attractive stripes, Roosterfish are fishermen’s favorite in November. This is because they are attractive to look at and they put up fierce resistance as you reel them in.

November fun fishing activities in Costa Rica

The Dorado Derby: This is a one-day fishing tournament that honors the team that bags the heaviest Dorado in the tournament. The Dorado Derby is a yearly event and takes place every November. At the end of the tournament, the organizers give cash and other prizes to the first, second, and third-place teams with the heaviest Dorado.

Costa Rica Grand Slam: Fishing Costa Rica water in November also boosts your chance of getting a Grand Slam. The Costa Rican Grand slam is when you catch a blue marlin, black marlin, and striped marlin all in one fishing trip. It happens a lot in November. Some fishermen get their Grand Slam within a few minutes of the trip. You don’t have to fish all day; you can land your Grand Slam in a short time during November. Fishing Costa Rica water in November is without a doubt the adventure of a lifetime and getting a Grand Slam makes your fishing trip more memorable.

Best Fishing Spots in Costa Rica

Los Suenos Marina: This fishing spot is located in the Central Pacific region and it is well-known for its abundance of Roosterfish and Marlin. There are consistent fishing opportunities in Los Suenos Marina for inshore and off-shore fishing. That is why so many fishing tournaments are held here as well.

Crocodile Bay: This is the top fishing spot for fishermen because of the variety of species that are caught yearly in this spot. Species like Grouper, Trevally, Snapper, Roosterfish, and Bluefin are common in the Gulfo Dulce. Access to multiple fishing styles is what makes this fishing spot even more attractive, from kayaking and shore fishing to inshore and offshore fishing.

Tamarindo, Guanacaste:  This is the favorite fishing destination for vocational fishermen; you can catch marlin, sailfish, and snapper in this spot. Though fishing is excellent year-round in Tamarindo, the best fishing season in Tamarindo tends to be from May to November.

Quepos, Central Pacific: This is a well-known sports fishing location, it is also known as the Sailfish Capital of the World. You can also catch species like snapper, roosterfish, marlin, and mahi-mahi in this spot. November is one of the best months to catch fish in this spot. You can reel in different species of fish here especially if you are targeting Marlin and Roosterfish.

Costa Rica Fishing Techniques

There are many different kinds of species to catch in Costa Rica and many different techniques to fish them. Different species should be targeted in different fishing spots with different fishing methods and baits. So these are some of the best fishing techniques in Costa Rica.

Live Bait: The best way to fish in Costa Rica inshore water is with live bait. Though billfish, such as sailfish, can be caught with artificial lures and dead baits, they hardly reject live bait even when they are not actively feeding. Few species will reject live bait. It is a very effective technique for catching sailfish, Dorado, tuna, and even marlin.

Popper Fishing: This is one of the most effective fishing techniques to catch fish in Costa Rican waters. It is a very active technique; it involves the use of specialized spinning tackle capable of long casting and heavy drag. Popper is a floating water lure that is cast near the suspected target. Fish like Roosterfish, tuna, and snapper are among the many species that respond well to poppers.

Trolling: Trolling with Ballyhoos while running teasers and dredges from the outriggers is the main way of catching sailfish in Costa Rica. This technique is really effective and very appealing since you can see the fish chasing the teasers behind the boat before they actually take the bait. The best way to catch the marlin is to use slow trolling techniques and dead baits. They tend to attract marlin while you wait to reel them in.    


As you can see, if you are planning a fishing trip to Costa Rica, we recommend including November on your list of top contenders. This is one of those great transitional months when the weather changes, November when many fish are in or approaching peak season and the weather is also great. When it comes to fishing in Costa Rica water, November is hard to beat.