Fishing in March in Costa Rica

For fishers, Costa Rica is a fantastic location. Why? Because of multiple attractions, including two oceans, lovely lakes, and hundreds of rivers where visitors may engage in different adventurous tours, as well as its year-round ideal weather that makes fishing possible. Additionally, as Costa Rica is a tiny country, you can enjoy both freshwater and saltwater fishing trips during the same trip due to the close proximity of the various fishing locations.

Fishing For Tuna
Fishing in March For Tuna

Costa Rica: Best Fishing Region

  • Costa Rica is no doubt one of the best destinations for both beginner and expert anglers, with fishing tours offered in practically all of the country’s areas and hotels especially created for fishermen and their families.
  • In fact, from Juan Santamaria International Airport, sportsmen may fly to some of the best fishing locations around the Pacific and Caribbean coasts in just 40 minutes.
  • If you enjoy this activity, this is a fantastic reason to start organizing your next affordable Costa Rica adventure package.

So you have found a fishing place next question of yours will be to ask for the best time to fish in costa Rica. You can do fishing all year at any month depending upon the kind of places and fish you want there and the forecast there at a particular month. But the month of march brings some extra benefits to start fishing. In this article, you will get to know why Fishing in March is adventurous. And what kinds of places you must visit in March? Read the Article to have an answer to these questions.

Why March is ideal for Fishing

Due to the fact that March is the middle of our dry season, March is one of the busiest and most populated months.

  • For inshore fishing, March got off to a fantastic start. The majority of visitors have been focusing their efforts offshore. The inshore season begins in March. Fish are so abundant in the Costa Rican fishing grounds that catching two to seven is considered a good day.
  • The rainy season is beginning to reach, although it has not yet arrived. Therefore, you have the entire month of March to take advantage of Costa Rica’s best fishing conditions. Expect a rather dry and mild month with the arrival of the fish.

Let’s go on to the important part now. Let’s check out what’s there in the march in Costa Rica.

March Fishing Forecast in Costa Rica

In this area, the temperature rises dramatically in March. You should be shocked if the information about expected drops below 89 degrees F at all.

  • High Temperature: Expect daily high temperatures that typically range around 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Low 80s are usually the lows.
  • Water Conditions: Fish love warm water, but you’ll also notice that the dry weather, especially at the beginning of the month, is even more attractive to the species of fish you wish to capture in Costa Rica. But be aware that throughout the course of this month, both precipitation and cloud cover starts to steadily increase.
  • Rainfall: The usual rainfall starts to increase in March and doesn’t stop until the rainy season’s completion, so take advantage of the dry weather while it lasts.
  • Wind speed: March isn’t the coolest month, but it’s also not terribly windy. Expect two to three miles per hour wind speeds on average. A comfortable 84 degrees F will also be the water’s consistent temperature.

Fish to Find: March Brings

The excellent fishing conditions result in some fantastic March fishing in Costa Rica. One of the finest times to go on an inshore or offshore adventure is in March before it starts to rain. This month, you might see the following entering the boat.

  1. Inshore Catches

This month’s offshore fishing offers the most adventure as there are still plenty of fish to be caught inshore, especially if you have a charter guide who is familiar with the best inshore areas.

Bottom-Dweller Grouper

At this time of year, bottom-dwelling groupers are quite abundant inshore near Jaco and Los Suenos in Costa Rica.


How could we discuss inshore fishing in Costa Rica without mentioning the roosterfish right away? You should look for a guide that is familiar with inshore sites. Inshore fishing will be very active, and utilizing live bait along rocky points or reefs should provide some large roosterfish or snapper.

  • Tarpon

The tarpon may be the most amazing inshore catch in March. These silver giants, which can easily weigh over 200 pounds, enjoy crowding the shallow river mouths this time of year.

  • Offshore Catches

In Costa Rica, March is undoubtedly one of the best months for offshore fishing.   You only need to check t the fishing tournament schedule if you’re not yet ready to visit and experience it for yourself. Every year in March and April, the Offshore World Championship Sportfishing Tournament takes place off the coast of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific. That’s for a good reason, which suggests that March is a fantastic time to travel down and take in a monster offshore.

  • Billfish

The large billfish season is still there Off Costa Rica’s west coast. Last month, 10 to 12 catches of those large sailfish were recorded in a single day. There are undoubtedly many more in the area because these fish never hunt alone.

  • Wahoo

If you wish to engage one of these fish in a struggle when you arrive, it is preferable to use the local baitfish. However, those billfish are undoubtedly not the only fighters around Los Suenos. You can find some Wahoo if that’s what you’re after. A Wahoo will always try to take the entire length of your bait, so you can clearly tell when he has hooked it.

Best Places to Find These Catches

Costa Rica has a growing fishing tourism industry because of the variety of exotic fishing locations with a wide variety of fish to capture. All it takes is a little information on the fishing areas most people go to for particular catches to ensure you have the good fishing experience possible in Costa Rica.

  1. Jaco, Los Sueños Marina

Jaco’s sport fishing In its peak, Costa Rica is at the Los Sueños Marina. If you want to find rare billfish, you travel to this marina. Jaco is a popular destination for Costa Rica fishing excursions since it boasts some of the best luxury charters for both offshore and inshore fishing. Plan your fishing vacation to Jaco for March. During one of your fishing trips to Costa Rica, take it up a notch and reserve one of the vacation villas located within the Los Sueños Marina.

  • Gulf of Papagayo

The Gulf of Papagayo, in Costa Rica’s northwest, is home to several of the country’s top fishing charters. The largest roosterfish in the nation is most likely found at the Papagayo Marina. Its waters are also a good place to catch tuna and sailfish, among other fish species. Numerous day fishing trips are organized by local tour companies from Papagayo Marina in Costa Rica.

  • Osa Peninsula, Golfito Marina

Would you like to take a fishing honeymoon in Costa Rica? You’d best do it in Golfito Marina on the Osa Peninsula. In this natural setting, Costa Rica fishing is at its most rewarding, especially for novices. When compared to other well-known fishing spots in the nation, the region may be remote. Even yet, this quality enables you to enjoy delicious fish wahoo in march.

  • OSA Peninsula

The Osa Peninsula, one of the most isolated tourist locations in the nation, is well known as the most exceptional location for sportfishing in Costa Rica with a variety of attractions. The environment of the bays, rivers, and ports provides some of the best fishing views, in addition to the many, big, and vibrant fish to capture. Night fishing in the moonlight after sunset can be a very amazing experience. In order to provide particularly exciting options for a fishing vacation, a few sportfishing lodges have appeared. These factors combine to provide the ideal excursion to the Osa Peninsula in the month of march. You can find Marlin here,

  • Tortuguero

Consider going fishing in Tortuguero, where you can fish both the sea and the river in one day if you’re searching for more variety. A true treasure for fishing on the Caribbean side is the small community of Tortuguero, which has a range of ecosystems. Fly fishing and light tackle game fishing are particularly wonderful here. Tarpon can be found here in the month of March.


There is no comparison between reading about fishing in Costa Rica and actually visiting the country and casting a line in the water. Don’t turn your hopes of thrashing marlin and enormous tarpon into mere fantasy. Make them a reality by Fishing in March in Costa Rica. The time is now if you want to catch fish in one of the most breathtaking locations on the planet! Pack your luggage, head to Costa Rica in march, and take advantage of the 80-degree temperatures, extremely calm seas, and world-class fishing.