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Fishing in September

Fishing in September in Costa Rica.

Looking for luscious rainforests full of exotic animals and also golden beaches for fishing? Such an awesome combination you will get only in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is full of incredible potential for tourism that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Especially people, who love fishing, and the crystal clear water of Costa Rica which millions of people visit every year for angling.

Costa Rica, only at a distance of 2 1/2 hours from Miami, is a great place for blue-water fishing, especially for inshore action. The trip will be even more exciting if you are planning to visit the Central Pacific Coast in September. September is like a blessing for the anglers as it always comes with thrilling opportunities to cross paths and catch big fish.

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I know you may be dying to go get the Green Season until November and this guide is all you need to go through before packing your backpack. So, read out the following fishing guide to know more information about fishing in Costa Rica in September.

Costa Rica Fishing Weather in September:

The weather of Costa Rica in September is the best time for fishing as the water temperatures are reasonably warm now. It’s the beginning of the fall and the temperature goes up to 83 degrees Fahrenheit (F) according to the report. But, it goes above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (F) in Los Suenos, I bet. So, don’t be fooled by the report number.

The temperature of Los Suenos and Jaco is almost the same on average, around 84 degrees F in September. So, the temperature story is almost the same and it’s the perfect time to fish in this part of the world. During September, the wind is not too wild and the wind speed remains under 4.75 miles per hour. It’s another advantage for enjoying good fishing that comes with it.

According to the previous statistics, the rain is measured at a little over five inches in this area and it increases as the rainy season revs up. So, if you are heading to Costa Rica, just keep in mind that rain may come in the afternoon and evening here.

Where to fish in Costa Rica in September?

Ask where not to. There are so many amazing fishing grounds in Costa Rica that you can explore. With the stunning coastlines, you can get the prized species and also a wide range of exotic creatures here. Let’s talk in detail below.

1. The Pacific Ocean: Let’s start with the most impressive fisher in this area, the pacific ocean. If you tend to catch big players, the pacific ocean is the place where you must go. Starting from the border of Nicaragua to the border of Panama, some golden beaches are there for the anglers with huge opportunities. Along with the beaches, you can also explore national parks and crystal clear waters to get the best fishing experiences here.

2. The Caribbean Sea: When I think about the Caribbean, the places to fish that come to my mind are golden sands, turquoise waters, and an incredible vacation destination. The range of dazzling and exotic creatures in the Caribbean sea will surely make your mind blown. If you move forward to the pacific coast, you will find so many stunning locations and plenty of fish. So, if you are planning to go fishing in Costa Rica, take the Caribbean Sea into account.

3. Costa Rica Freshwater Fishing: As this country is covered with rainforest areas, there are many incredible hunting grounds inland around. Throughout the country, there are lots of lakes and rivers where freshwater fishing is a thrilling activity. You can also explore the lagoons near the coastal area. You might get some brackish there as both freshwater and saltwater fishes love to come here.

How to Go Fishing in Costa Rica in September?

So, now you know when to go fishing in Costa Rica and where to go exactly. So, you might want to know now the best ways of going fishing in Costa Rica. No worries. I got your back here. There are plenty of ways to cast your line and let’s know about it more.

1. Costa Rica Shore Fishing: If you ask “what’s fishing?”, even a non-angler will answer “Shore-fishing”. Shore fishing is not the only way of fishing, I agree. It must be a time-consuming way where you need to wait for the bitting hours after hours. But, many people enjoy shore-fishing with family and friends. It’s a fun way to pass the time while fishing.

Different golden beaches of Costa Rica are the ideal places for shore fishing. There are many secluded and populated beaches in Costa Rica where you will always get something biting. You can choose the rocky outcroppings to make it more adventurous. Or just get a deckchair and sit on the beach while fishing.

2. Costa Rica Kayak Fishing: As Costa Rica is a place of calm waters and productive fish, you will see an influx of kayaks here. If you want to get up closer to the ground and fish, then kayak fishing is the ideal way you can choose. It’s the best way to get the experience of water and get personal.

Among all the fishing grounds, you can go to the mangroves around Jacó or the shallows of the Caribbean. You can also explore Manuel Antonio National Park and Tortuguero National Park. Believe me. You will experience an outstanding day there.

3. Costa Rica Panga Fishing: People, who want to get a real taste of Central America’s fishing culture, would love to go for panga fishing. These are basically narrow wooden vessels that are mostly used on the Mexican-US border and the people of Costa Rica use this often. If you want to explore the backcountry or the bays, panga boats are the best thing to do your job there.

Panga fishing will allow you to experience the local fishing and enjoy the luscious greenery back on land. In both the inshore and nearshore waters, you can explore the stunning crystal clear waters and get all the dazzling fish. Mind these precautions: if you are going to the choppy water, get something bigger that helps to go offshore.

4. Costa Rica Charter Fishing: Are you interested in a deep shipping adventure? Then Costa Rica charter fishing will definitely make sense to you. Charter fishing is undoubtedly incredible fishing in the deep in style and Costa Rica is just the perfect ground for you to land. You can get a sportfishing vessel and head to the pacific area where you will get plenty of fish in the deep sea.

This will be a lifetime experience for the angler if everything goes well according to the fishing plan. There are several resorts on the Pacific coast that offer charters to go round for charter fishing. Los Sueños, Marina del Pez Vela, Playas Hermosa, Flamingo, Punta Arenas,  Jacó, Puerto Jimenez, etc. are the place that offer plenty of advantages in charter fishing.

What Fish Can You Catch Near Los Suenos in September?

There is a great opportunity to get a lot of great fish on the Central Pacific Coast in September. The black marlin is the most available fish that you will see in the Los Suenos. These big fishes can be found throughout the year. But, in September,  you will tremendously find them.  The black marlin is quite rare in other places. But, in Los Suenos, getting 500-pounder black marlin in the line is common in September.

Along with the black marlin, roosterfish, jacks, mackerel, grouper, and snapper are other sights that you can find in September frequently. These fishes are available in huge amounts and are very fun to catch. Among all of them, you will enjoy catching roosterfish, I’m sure. These fishes are quite smaller than the black marlin, about one-tenth of the black marlin. But, these can give a tough fight that you will keep in mind for a long.

Yellowfin tuna is another offshore tuna that is the available around year. But, in September, the amount is noticeable. The average size of tuna just reaches its peak in September. So, you can definitely expect a giant size yellowfin tuna on your September fishing trip in Costa Rica.


Finally, you know all about fishing in Costa Rica in September. Whether you are a regular or seasonal angular, Costa Rica is a country that will be close to your heart, I bet. With its mesmerizing fishing treasures and natural beauties, you will be amazed and get a lifetime fishing experience. Thank you for reading through this article. It will help you as your personal guide and you will realize it later. If you have any more queries, just leave the question in the comment box. I will try to reach out. Happy Fishing!