Your Costa Rica Fishing Trip Checklist

Checklist for Your Fishing Trip in Costa Rica

Sportfishing is extremely popular in the Costa Rica area, and we are your guide for fishing tours in this area. Let’s find out the best spots for each type of fish you are looking for!

The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea hem in Costa Rica to the west and east respectively, providing tourists with ample opportunity to catch big, beautiful fish. The waters on both sides teem with fish such as dorado, wahoo, and marlin.

Sport fishing is a popular form of recreation here drawing thousands of people from all over the world every year to coastal and inland locations. Sport Fishing Costa Rica is going to be your guide for this beautiful destination.

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Why Is Costa Rica a Good SportFishing Location?

What is the draw? There are loads of places one can catch fish all over the world such as Scotland, England, and British Columbia, Canada. Fishermen still flock to these locations, but they don’t boast the warm weather, calm waters, or the same species of deep-sea monsters. If you want warm-water fish plus a hot location covered in sunny, sandy beaches, those other countries can’t beat Costa Rica.

Marlin Fishing in Costa Rica

Enjoy a Professionally Run Fishing Tour

The best way to enjoy this region and all of the fishing opportunities it provides is by booking a charter. Go with a guide who knows the area well and is certified to take visitors out to sea or onto one of the lakes. There are many reasons not to hop on just any boat because the price is right or the captain promises a cooler full of beer, no extra charge. That’s worth nothing if your chances of catching something are slim and your ride is unsafe. If you are unsure which guide to take, see Sport Fishing Costa Rica’s charter and your review.

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Luxury isn’t necessary, but it certainly makes for an enjoyable day when you can sit back in the comfort of leather seats under cover from the sun with a cold drink in your hand. You didn’t come out for this kind of treatment — you want to fish — but there has to be downtime, not to mention travel time. Deep-sea fishing doesn’t start at the docks. Besides, non-fishermen in your crew want to be comfortable.

Ditch the luxurious fishing boat and still hang onto critical features, the top one being safety. Any boat you ride it should be fitted with life rings, enough life jackets for everyone on-board in the correct sizes and in good condition, and flares. The captain’s radio should be operational and he should be licensed to take you out on the sea or lake. It’s great if he speaks your language; many tour operators speak English.

Quepos Fishing Charter
Quepos Fishing Charters

Location and Fish

Licensed, experienced operators know where to catch what, which times of year are best, chances of a catch, and likely sizes during a given season. They know the rules and follow them. Choose an operator who is likely to take you where a particular species hangs out. Most fish are plentiful on the Pacific Coast, a few turn up almost everywhere, but some are more common on the Caribbean side, such as tarpon.

Hopefully, Costa Rica Fishing Experts is able to help you determine which location is best for your needs and which charter you may be the most interested in. We pride ourselves on giving our visitors a complete experience in this beautiful country!