Costa Rica Fishing Experts

Come to Costa Rica and Enjoy world-class Sportfishing!

With the Pacific Ocean abundant in marine life and tropical atmosphere, it is no surprise Costa Rica is one of the world’s top fishing destinations.

The coastal waters are home to many yellowfin tuna, mackerel, horse mackerel, and mahi-mahi. As you move in the waters off the coast are likely to find Sailfish, large Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and possibly some Marlin.

Our captains, who since childhood have been fishing in the waters of Montezuma and Cabuya, will help you learn all the best spots and local secrets. With our English-speaking guide, the Captain will take you to a fishing experience you will never forget.

Word Class Sport Fishing

Montezuma sisal and water on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica has always been known to be part of the world’s most spectacular sail fishing. Here, the acrobatic sailfish are the primary target, but powerful blue and black marlin, golden color, a tuna marlin, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna striped, ranging in size from tiny balls of 600 pounds.

Sailfish are the richest in the whole year. However, during late December through May, you should expect to see many free jumpers and excessive amounts of fish. Fishing Cabuya and Montezuma are like no other place in the world. Marlin and sailfish are taken throughout the year, usually from 5-15 fish per day.

Coastal Fishing in Costa Rica

Our coastal fishing boats, 28feet, and 26 feet, are equipped with stabilizers and the high-speed, four opaque water lines – guide and Captain.

Our 30-foot and 35-foot fishing boat in the sea is equipped with everything you need and more for marlin and sailfish and other large species. Up to 6 lines in the water, boating, fishing gear, Beers, Lunch, A / C, bilingual guide, mates, and Captain. Teams use first-class fishing and food, enjoy food and drinks for a memorable experience.

We offer a variety of excursions to offer something for every type of fisherman. For more information, visit our other pages and websites for fishing charter bookings; please visit our contact page and fill out the information form on and we will get back to you shortly.