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visit Manuel Antonio

    Any person who travels through the middle of the Pacific, to visit Manuel Antonio. That is not only easy FIND sea, but it is actually one of the Most Beautiful Parks of Costa Rica. It IS LOCATED Along the Pacific coast and has an estuary, mangroves, a lagoon, beaches and winding paths. All este 638 hectares of land and 55,000 hectares of protected marine environment. I took a walk through the rainforest and mosses FIND, ferns, flowers and epiphytes Plants Growing In Every tree Thickness. A path leading to an observation tower scammers a magnificent 360 °.

    A length of the park is the famous Vida Silvestre Costa Rica is known Lo. Local certified guides are available at the park entrance and worth the investment.

    Know and Professional, which allow visitors to understand the habitat they visit and the roles of animals, plants and insects.

    Following the advice of eco-sensitive way, You Can Enjoy the park to the fullest. Be sure not to scare away the furry residents maintain a low voice and walk quietly. Although capuchin monkeys son comfortable enough to come and look at you funny look like, feed Recycle.

    Take one along a small package and make a day of it! There Freshwater showers and a bathroom Along the picnic areas and trails meal. You can walk for a while and stop for a refreshing swim in The Third Twin beach or beach.

    Be sure to get your hand stamped at the park entrance so you can come and go as you please during the day.

    The town of Manuel Antonio restaurants offers, accommodations and souvenir shops. Apart from the park, hay various activities that can be enjoyed in the area. Riding, volleyball and sea kayaking son only a few.

    Walking on the beach is not only a good way to explore the beaches, but it’s also cheap!

    Public Bus rapidly conclude from Quepos to Manuel Antonio and let Wherever.


    In Quepos, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to discover the “pure life” of Costa Rica.

    The town is small so it is an ideal place to walk. From the outer edges ¿, you can walk to the pier in about 20 minutes, considering that he was in and out of souvenir shops!

    Child Friendly locals and try their best to point you in the right direction should reach the Get disoriented.

    Quepos time has long been a hot spot for fishermen interested in the implementation of the surf and best costa rica fishing, Great for Marlin, Sailfish and much more. The marina has boats State of the art class operators. If you are on the pier at sunset, here there are several boats Coming after a day of fishing. Just look at the smiles of disembarking UN Sabra having a good day!

    Near the coast, hay Several restaurants serving delicious seafood dishes. There are also some naked adj Where You Can Enjoy the UN cocktail while listening to good music. Both travelers and locals, came out to the street After sunset and walk around looking in the windows or take the UN bite to eat.

    Quepos at the foot of a small hill and the road leading out of the South of Manuel Antonio meanders up and over the hill. Along this road is a lot of hotels, restaurants and tour operators. No restaurant United Nations in particular, has a terrace where you can see from the hill above the ocean. It is a great place to see the sunset and the UN have bite to eat. Another small cafe offers Internet services so you can catch up with the latest news or send a UN E-mail friends and family (probably brag on your site!).

    Most of the hotels are located in the Great properties that extend into the forest. For a small fee, you can enter the premises and go for a walk on the trails In Search or lazy Ubiquitous United Nations Group of marmosets babble.

    Activities available nearby, such as horseback riding, kayaking, bird watching and hiking. There are good number of operators offering Daily Departures and just need a reservation to make sure you are included.

    INCLUDED active walking or driving down the road, keep your eyes open, because you will most likely find, as cappuccinos or sloths in the trees surrounding Monkeys sea.

    Of course, if it is the wildlife that interests you, then a Head up the hill and go to Manuel Antonio. You will not regret it.

    Other locations from the central Pacific Coast

    There is a certain atmosphere that is breathed in the Pacific Ocean the medium. It wraps around you and relieves stress and disorders. Greetings from Costa Rica of “pura vida”, pure life, perfectly describe the region.

    The Pacific coast stretches over 500 miles from his Farther north of its border with the neighboring Punta de Panama. This vast area has countless beaches and picturesque towns and villages. There are also several Protected Areas and National Parks to Visit in the region prepare for the UN A complete itinerary of tourism.

    The peak season for the mid-Pacific region is from December to April. Visitors will find a large number of rooms And the Best First Class hotels that meet their guests with extraordinary hospitality.

    Puntarenas is the largest executives on the coast and served for years as one of the major ports of the country town. Today Puerto Caldera is the place for two main cargo ships and cruise lines. Although the containers are full of Export Products, Customers of the cruise line may take a few hours or days of leave on earth.

    Shellfish found in the restaurants in the area is varied and freshest possible. Places the life of the big blue fish and tuna, wahoo, shrimp and lobster seafood is available in The Most restaurants are won and is offered in several tasty dishes from Costa Rica tariff.

    Profusion d activities and discerning travelers will find an adventure to attend. Surfing, kayaking, hiking and rafting son Some of the activities visitors will find.

    There are a number of garments that provide First MASA Tours in Several parks and reserves in the region. Driving your own car you can stop at one of the cities or parks that are along the way. Armed with a map and a good dictionary of Spanish, will set you for an unforgettable vacation in the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica!

    Coastal cities

    Travelling along the Coast Road will take you a through many villages on the coast. They have much more to offer than beaches. You can visit one through the mangroves and estuaries, Horse Torre Located waterfalls and walks through the world of the rainforest.

    Each traveler can enjoy Take In A Small Town. Not only you can visit Half of the church or the local town, but can take on the market and pick up some supplies adj. With some adj Water and ripe mangoes, you are ready to go out. Market IS ALWAYS A GOOD PLACE IS para Visit the search for typical features, stories Colour as woven or hand-dipped candles BAGS. Having a fruit juice mixed with water or milk to the UN “refresh” local. Note that is a good way to practice Spanish.

    It will happen in the Rio Grande de Tarcoles. The bridge is known as a place to see alligators. Safety Light bridge, you will be able to see several good warm Size in the sun on the sandy beach Along the river. A number of cows also share the water source and fairly comfortable Throwing your thirst with quite large reptiles in sight. The place is ideal for videos and cameras.

    Jaco will soon be in sight. This small seaside town is relaxed and casual, but very lively when it comes to good hotels, restaurants and tour operators. It goes a find accommodation for all budgets, as well as excellent restaurants. You visit outside the city running include horseback riding, fishing and kayaking. An added advantage natural f? Waves. Surfers enjoy the city for its friendly atmosphere and accessibility surfer Several surf spots in minutes. Farther south, a Esterillos, Parrita Esterillos Este is passed.

    Other Places of Interest

    Carara Biological Reserve

    Consisting of 4,700 Hectares, Carara is under protection from 1978. This book works just like the one in Costa Rica and was created specifically to protect the forest environment First, in this case, consists of Carara dry forest and wet rainforest. The park encompasses two poles of life and a big scam Wildlife Diversity. There Dos Caminos Major Through the park and both offer a pleasant walk. Easy trails son and Insurance provides a great experience paragraph Visitors traveling with children. The guides are available at the park entrance ENSURING GOOD AND INFORMATION AND EYE experienced para OBSERVE animals and birds. The only team Necessary Is A insect repellent and a hat shadow Less parts of the track. Binoculars A child s need.

    Punta Leona

    THIS Private Reserve itself often overlooked when traveling along the coast. It covers 300 hectares and has a slice of a living area of Transition. Carara while holding both wet and dry forest environments. A buffer zone of secondary forests and grazing fields protected primary forest home. Trees are well above the forest floor. Balsa trees ferns and philodendron Previous loom. Forest trails varied and very good for Birding child. All your senses come alive when you enter this balmy climate.

    Once you enter one through it, it will not be difficult adj to believe that the film “1492” with Gerard Depardieu was filmed here. The film tells the wonder of Christopher Columbus on his arrival in the New World.

    ALTHOUGH Hotel A works on the property, visitors not staying here can access the park By paying UN Entrance fee. Para shipments of these, not only will you be able to hit the trails, we can deduce access to some of the hotel facilities.

    Manuel Antonio National Park

    Spanning 1,700 acres Just Manuel Antonio National Park is the park’s Smallest System. However, a DUE its beautiful beaches, wildlife Wide And relative ease of access, which is one of the most visited national parks. Do DUE a small size, Manuel Antonio not hidden the largest species Directors of birds and mammals found in similar habitats. However, much of the wildlife that remains in the park is exceptionally easy to see. Monkeys can also be found frolicking in the canopy of secondary forest in and around the park. Plentiful sloths Three Fingers son too. Birds also give the impression estar very focused on this area.
    This region is characterized by high annual rainfall (140 inches or more) and a dry season is short enough that most forest plants evergreen son, or most, lose their leaves briefly before putting the new one.

    Rafting Class II-III

    A class II / III river cascading from the Mt. Bustamante range. This is one of the most beautiful canals in Costa Rica with a mix of forest and farm stay. In the rainy season, we use 6-man raft and is fun for the whole family. When the river Bajo esta son 2 man inflatable Dukies: Even more difficult as guide your own boat kayaker After UN: security. Lunch is style “Tico” In a small Along the River restaurant. There are opportunities to swim and take pictures along the way.

    Rio Savegre

    This day includes an incredible 4WD Adventure Travel Takes a A distant return Savegre River Country paragraph A guided raft trip 4 hours with class II / III / IV rapids in rafts paragraph 6 O 2-man inflatable kayaks. There are great swimming holes and a variety of primary and Selvas birds (egrets, toucans, osprey, parrots, kingfishers and cormorants. It’s going to stop in a small village called “White River” to the UN “Tico” style lunch of a thatched roof restaurant with a great view and a way of nature. you can also visit some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area with many heliconias bloom like this shady garden of Eden.

    Naranjo river

    A class III – IV Half Day Challenge for experienced paddlers more reserves. The low Naranjo River from the mountains above Quepos, But A beautiful jungle that takes you on a wild ride to sea level Go through farmlands and palm plantations. Water levels can rise quickly on this river to the difficulty and adrenaline levels, so that passengers should be in good physical shape and adventurous.

    Damas Island Estuary

    Paddle Protected Inland Waterways UN Learning esta perfect way to explore magical mangrove areas Coastal and view the wildlife. None of this trip is in the open ocean and the pace of this trip is an Agreement of SUS: capacities. Lunch is an excellent seafood restaurant.

    Sea kyaking

    Manuel Antonio Coast Paddle

    A palette of opena Ocean Tougher Along one of the Coasts most beautiful in Costa Rica. Near the Islands nesting boobies and frigate birds. We stop for a swim and snacks in isolated Biesanz Bay had lunch and it is the end of the trip, near the Manuel Antonio National Park.

    Damas Island Mangrove

    Do not miss Isla Damas and its wonderful wildlife just because you do not want to kayak. Enjoy the UN estuary boat trip con un Guide. There is a great Birding and beautiful views esta mangrove channels. It can also stop on the island to enjoy the UN pleasant walk along the beach. Then enjoy lunch or dinner at Restaurant. Excellent opportunity to see lots of animals and birds.

    Dolphin Watch

    Marvel at the mysterious islands with their jagged rock formations, cliffs and nesting grounds with numerous species of marine birds and their young. vents listen; Whistling with each thrust of the waves. Help one Counting Different Types of dolphins and whales, Sunbathing Beyond the Islands. Learn interesting facts about the National Park and Indian History Quepoa. UNASE an Us and witness ESOs unforgettable sunsets at sea, take a moment to relax and enjoy another beautiful afternoon in paradise.

    Through the Tour ride a rainforest

    The driving experience is half a day. With a typical area of Costa Rica called Villa Nueva, where we can deduce a good opportunity to see the local Field and Forest. This excellent author tour is 30 minutes drive from Quepos, and includes 1-1 / 2 hours on horseback. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit United Nations bath in a beautiful waterfall on the way. For birdwatchers it is recommended to go in the afternoon for a better chance to see toucans and other exotic birds.

    Sunset Cruise Sailing

    Come with us and discover the coast of Manuel Antonio Christopher Columbus As I travel. Peace and tranquility of sailing these pristine waters is an unforgettable experience and see the sunset from the deck while anchored in a beautiful secluded bay is truly romantic. A morning tour is disponible a sentence of snorkel included.

    Cascades Nauyaca Tours

    Come see the waterfalls More Beautiful Country. Cascade 25 and 40 meters deep in a pool of 8 meters swimming. The visit on horseback gives UN mayor contact with nature and a better chance of seeing wildlife. Will take you through the beautiful countryside between Quepos and Dominical. Our Journey Then he wears a UN Through the Forest and the majestic view Magnificent Mountains San Isidro. During the tour we will make two stops, first for breakfast at a real typical ranch and then later in the afternoon return to the ranch for lunch. Many opportunities to see many kinds of wildlife.

    Botanical Garden Butterfly

    This is the primer Butterfly Garden in Manuel Antonio, where more than 20 unique species in an atrium 1000sq cake. All it surrounded by high – flora and fauna and indigenous primary forests.

    canopy tour

    This is an interesting way to spend a half day or full day. Both offer the thrill Tropical Discovery Travel canopy one through a series of suspended platforms which lie above the forest floor. These platforms are connected submarine cables and steel that have been designed especially for people than a Through, allowing you to discover the flora and fauna of Part rainforest slide. You’ll get to see a variety of animals on two trips, including howler monkeys and white face monkey, toucans and laziness.

    Damas Island estuary

    Paddle Protected Inland Waterways UN Learning esta perfect way to explore magical mangrove areas Coastal and view the wildlife. None of this trip is in the open ocean and the pace of this trip is an Agreement of SUS: capacities. Lunch is an excellent seafood restaurant.
    Four Trax Adventure Tour
    This adventurous para esta characters Designed carrying a through lush rainforest, beautiful rivers and wildlife, all on your own Fourtrax.

    We stop on the Way In A Fantastic waterfall where you can take UN bath or just enjoy nature.

    Walking Tour

    It’s a great way to explore the plants and animals of mountainous jungle near the Manuel Antonio National Park This walk takes you Along Roads partly shaded, allowing you to explore and discover