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Hello! My name is Bolivar, and I have been a Concierge, nature, and cultural guide in the Central Pacific Area for about Six years. But I combine my occupation as a guide with my hobby of SEO and Internet Marketing.

During my time as a cultural guide, I have traveled to some other regions of Costa Rica, such as Limon, Guanacaste, Osa Peninsula, and of course, The San Jose City Capital of Costa Rica, with some different groups that I have made up for a trip to these Regions.

Talking about Costa Rica, I have guided people from a wide range of different countries worldwide.

My cultural tours here mainly involve visits to museums, the national theatre, restaurants, Costa Rica Adrenaline Tours, and nightclubs where my clients can have a drink and relax right after they are served a delicious dinner in a fancy restaurant.

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Costa Rica is a small country with many things to do while you are here.

As I am guiding, I always try to do my best from a professional point of view; I provide essential and updated information about all the places and towns we visit.

I believe that to be a real guide, you need to be well informed on the history and essential facts of the country if you want to do a superb job and in the end, your customers end up happy with you.

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Being a cultural guide is something that I like and enjoy, as I also like meeting new people from other parts of the world and their cultures. This is like a thrilling experience that I will never exchange for anything.

Back to our point about the country, I can tell you that Costa Rica has a lot to offer in such a small area of 51.000 km2, call it museums, theatres of all sorts, or places you can visit in your leisure time.

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) # 10

So, why not ride to a country with no artificial ingredients? So, come on in! We will be waiting for you, making it an unforgettable experience. Think of it and head for the sun and tranquility.