Sportfishing in Costa Rica

Sportfishing in Costa Rica

Fish Costa Rica

Costa Rica has much to offer for anglers of all types. If you prefer fishing in the sea or coastal fishing will be well served with a wide variety of possible catches for the best Fishing Experience, It’s not just a deep water sportfishing haven. Costa Rica fishing serves up exciting inshore action.

Sport Fishing in Costa Rica
Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

Marlin Marlin has been seen throughout the year, especially from January to mid-September. Blue, black, and stripe are often mixed with sailboat migration.

Sailfishing: Sailfish are the predominant species on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. You should expect many free jumpers and excessive amounts of sail from December to May. They launched about 5-15 daily candles.

Sail Fishing with friends
Sail Fishing in Costa Rica

Tuna: Tuna fishing all year. Usually, when you see a group of dolphins spinning, a school of tuna is very close.

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Yellow Fin Tuna

Fishing Dorado Dorado, also known as Mahi Mahi or Dolphin fish. Dorado is most abundant between December and October when the rivers send logs and other floating debris into the ocean. These fish are attracted by the drift and residues that commonly swim below. Dorado is a species in Costa Rica that can also be taken throughout the year.

Costa Rica Dorado Fishing
Dorado Fishing in Costa Rica

Wahoo Fishing: The area is not known to contain large numbers of these fast fish, but you never know. They are rounds of random numbers, but one of them as a catch can provide a great dinner!

Wahoo Fishing Trips Costa Rica
Wahoo Fishing Trip

Pez Gallo: Sure, the rooster is the most exciting inshore fish available and is the main attraction for inshore fishermen. These fish hide around rocky, and it is one hell of a fight! They are not suitable to eat because of all the muscles, but they tend to make a lot of sperm to the line. Roosters can take years, on average, 20-40 pounds.

Costa Rica Rooster Fishing
Rooster Fishing

Cubera Snapper Fishing: This is the most popular local snapper due to its size and brute strength. Fish over 50 pounds have been caught in the area throughout the year. They are very similar to fish snapper.

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Red Snapper