River Rafting in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Water Rafting

Rafting is an exciting to discover the rich and diverse river habitats of Costa Rica manner. One of the most popular holiday travel  is the rafting that takes you 18 miles of the river on a rafting experience full of pleasure during which you will find beautiful, exciting rapids scenery, and the opportunity to see some of the plants and animals near Costa Rica in their natural habitat.

The importance of rivers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to a large number of natural water sources, including waterfalls, rivers and rapids. However, there are very few natural lakes in the country, so that the rivers one of the main sources of water for humans, plants and animals alike. Before the road today, the Sarapiqui River was one of the only ways to traverse much of the land in Costa Rica.

Today, the river remains a popular tourist destination because of the variety of landscapes and habitats of the animals it crosses. Another old “road” is 90 miles Tempisque River, which crosses the region of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. This river is still an important source of water for agricultural irrigation throughout its length. As the Pacuare River and the river Corobicí are famous among the rafters of the river; Pacuare Class III and IV provides for the participants experienced the river, while the Corobicí offers easy and quick class II I appropriate for those new to rafting. The Rio Celeste is world famous for its beautiful scenery, including its blue waters, of course, and Celeste waterfall, which was called the “fall of blue water on Earth.”

The benefits of seeing through Costa Rica Rafting

Costa Rica RaftingRafting is one of the easier and more interesting to see the natural beauty of Costa Rica during your vacation ways. Even if you do not like swimming, or can not swim, you can still enjoy all the rivers of Costa Rica has to offer in a rafting trip on the river. It floating in a river is a relaxing way to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the jungle around, without the need for a brisk walk.

You can choose to participate or to paddle to keep both hands free to take the perfect shot. During his trip rafting on the river, you will have the opportunity to see the wildlife that may not be visible in the most populated areas near the beach.

Challenge the rapids rafting trip is a safe way to search the excitement in their holidays; Studies indicate that injuries are extremely rare rafting, with experienced guides, safety equipment, and equipment. The rafting is fun for everyone, young and old, and is one of the best ways to enjoy an adventure in Costa Rica as part of your vacation package with Costa Rica Fishing Experts.

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