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Costa RicaRain Forest TourThe creation of the Forest Aerial Tram is born of the dreams of a man and a scientist has to reach the tops of the trees and forest cover in the search. In this context, the many species of plants and animals are still unknown and discovered by men.

Located in this strange world of extraordinary beauty and incredible biodiversity intact.

Live this Amazing Rainforest Experience.

Rainforest Aerial Tram in the tropical forest is the only place where visitors can fly over the jungle canopy and ecological communities will be more complex life on Earth. Visit the fascinating Air lets you live life as it happens in the hanging gardens of exotic nature.

During a walk of 90 minutes on a shelf that borders the forest in silence flying over the giant trees, a naturalist guide tells visitors about ecology in order to preserve the forest is so important to our future.

Jaco Tours Rain ForestAbility to view wildlife, to demonstrate that the visit of Capuchin monkeys, anteaters, snakes and hundreds of species of tropical birds. This is the most comprehensive forest covering Costa Rica.

Forest Aerial Tram is adjacent to Braulio Carrillo National Park, On the Central Pacific Site Rainforest Arial Tram is located in  Jaco Beach. The Aerial Tram in the Braulio Carillo shares a border with 10 miles of the park. The entrance is on the way to the Caribbean coast, just 45 minutes from San Jose. About 5 miles after the bridge over the Río Sucio.

All visitors can experience life in the canopy and the trees in the forest that is constantly evolving and discover its natural history. Most plants and insects that live here are still unknown to the scientific world.

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