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Costa Rica Offshore Fishing

It is the sailfish dancing on the surface with lightning speed, also the big mighty big marlin that attracts fishermen all the way through these stunning waters of Costa Rica  sailfish are the largest I have ever found sense My first in Cabo San Lucas In 1975.

The average here 100 lb and I have to believe that some that we have thrown were 140 lb or more. They are present here 12 months out of the year with Dec. launched July being the top month.

Costa Rica Offshore Fishing

Costa Rica Offshore Fishing Trips

In these months it is not uncommon to lift 10-20 to the boat on a given day with an exceptional day seeing as many as 30-40 +. My best day fishing here with world record captain Bobby McGuinness who raised 90+ for the boat and landed 27 all on flying that particular day. Marlin are a breed of their own, usually you only get a quick shot at them. You must move fast and do not make mistakes, once he perceives that something is wrong, he is never gone to be seen again.

So important while chasing these bill fish is a very good experienced skipper and mate, one who can maneuver your boat into your dream. I have fished with many in my life and have not found any as good as Bobby McGuinness. Once you have experienced it a few times, it is not difficult to know how many times your captain has been at the helm. Again, this is one of the reasons to book only with us as we know and work with only the best.

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We have blue and black marlin here in Costa Rica along with the strange stripped marlin. A blue marlin is a complete attack mode at all times. I have seen that many times come and go like some neon lights. Once connected will attack the ship in full charge, I have in the video one in particular that charged the boat 3 times, he surface 50-100 ‘away and then head to full speed for the ship, as roar out of his way Which was to fly through the transom.

On the other hand, a black marlin fights with its power and weight. It will pull you up until you do not think you can do more than one safe than another on the same day. We caught them here in COSTA RICA as big as 1,000 pounds. I have seen Captain Bobby McGuinness lift up to 9 to the boat in a single day and our customers land successfully 4 of them, they were everywhere. If a big blue or black is what you are looking for then COSTA RICA is your place.

Costa Rican waters are also full of Dorado 12 months out of the year, it’s a rare day in the water here not to see a 3-4 Dorado chasing in their lures. The month of November, December, January, February, are the best since the rainy season has just finished and all of the river have washed the logs and debree down and towards the sea.

As you find them floating on the off-shore surface there will be concentration of bait fish of all sizes along with Dorado and quite often an account fish of some nature. I have seen as simple as a plywood sheet, barrel, or tree stump holding several gilded under it. The best was a bunch of stumps and trunks entangled in a network of fish in the open sea that should be 30-40 ‘in diameter. We managed to get 17 Dorado out of under it until a large blue marlin flew by and ran it all off. What a breathtaking sight the Dorado all flying threw the air while the + 500 pound marlin was trying to eat them.


A blue marlin is the most common of its marlines here as they cross the waters of COSTA RICA throughout the year, and most easily found in October, November, December although in recent years we have found several round. Marlin more abundant In June, July, August although as there cousin the blue we have been seeing more and more year.


Sailing is here year with the peak season January launched July and it is not uncommon to board the boat 10-20 on a given day and a good 30+ day. The rest of the year is very common to increase 3-8 per day.


DOLPHIN and MAHI-MAHI are all the same fish and here all year round with November, December, January, being the best although we will see our biggest in June / July.


Yellowfin tuna is the main species and probably the largest in COSTA RICA. These 100-300 pound fish will test your back your leg its all. You find the porpoises and you’ve usually found the tuna. The big tuna swim with them and feed on the same bait fish. Also as smaller tuna school up for bait do Marlin ans sails so hang on.


Wahoo are rare in these waters, but catch about 2-4 per year and can be 50-100pounds.

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