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Offshore fishing, book your Fishing experience and lets go for Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna and Much More!

Offshore Fishing Costa Rica

Why Offshore Fishing in Costa Rica is awesome

Costa Rica has banned all shrimp trawling since 2013, leading the country to become one of the best Fishing Destinations in the world. For a nation only about the dimension of West Virginia, Costa Rica has a reputation for angling more excellent than Florida’s and a few other fashionable fishing destinations.

Costa Rica has surpassed each other’s deep-sea fishing experience in terms of any coastal or offshore angling experience, and that is why Costa Rica is so famous today. 

Let’s get your trophy!

Costa Rica – The Angler’s Paradise

Nature has enriched the Costa Rica region. It is designed for one of the most profound deep-sea fishing in the world. Sports opportunities are much more modern than before. Every year thousands of interested anglers and trophy hunters from the United States and Canada come here. The most popular game fisher is Billfish which is a combination of Marlin and Selfish. The Anglers test their skills in big sports involving Dorado, Tuna, Snapper, Rooster, and Oahu. Costa Rica follows fishing records for deep-sea fishing. Fifty-four marlins were caught during this year’s Offshore World Championship Billfish Tournament. They were later released back into the sea.

Blue marlin, the holy grail for anglers, increases in the warm waters of the Pacific

Captain Danny Lombardo is the leading angling charter in this area on a successful journey year after year. There is no better place for Anger than this area. One of the few places in the world where ten or more Billfish are found every day. There must be a few more places where you can lose the record of seeing or catching four different species on the same day. 

Fish in Costa Rica

The perfect time to fish all year round here. According to veteran fishing scientist Parker Bankston, excellent angling is possible in any season if the sea is 95% calm. A lot of analysis has been done to understand the world. The concepts of summer and winter do not spread to Costa Rica. The state enjoys a tropical climate. There are two types of seasons, dry and wet. The average annual temperature is 70 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

What to Catch in an Offshore Fishing Trip?

Mah Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish, and Marlin are the most common target fish species.

marlin Fish: offshore Fishing Costa Rica


The blue marlin is the most common of its marlins here as they cross the waters of COSTA RICA throughout the year and are most easily found in October, November, and December. However, in recent years, we have discovered several rounds. Marlin is more abundant In June, July, and August, although as their cousin, the blue, we have seen more and more years.

Sailfish in Costa Rica
Sailfish in Costa Rica


Sailing is here the year with the peak season January launched July, and it is not uncommon to board the boat 10-20 on a given day and an excellent 30+ day. For the rest of the year is very common to increase by 3-8 per day.

Yellowfin tuna in costa rica
Yellowfin tuna in Costa Rica


Yellowfin tuna is the main species and probably the largest in Costa Rica. These 100-300 pound fish will test your back, leg, and all. You find the porpoises, and you’ve usually found the tuna. The giant tuna swim with them and feed on the same baitfish. Also, as smaller tuna schools up for bait, do Marlin and sails, so hang on.

wahoo fishing tours
Wahoo Fish

Wahoo Fish

Wahoo is rare in these waters but catches about 2-4 per year and can be 50-100pounds.

Dorado Mahi Mahi
Dorado Mahi Mahi

Dorado – Mahi Mahi

DOLPHIN and MAHI-MAHI are all the same fish and are here all year round, with November, December, and January being the best, although we will see our biggest in June / July.


Tuna Sportfishing
Tuna Sportfishing

Dry Season (December-April) 

The dry season means clear skies and calm water. Billfish, usually from December, begin to enter the mid-Pacific region. The numbers started to increase between January and April. Many tournaments are launched.

The frenzy is created among the Anger to demonstrate competitive skills. The lucky ones can catch at least ten fish in this place daily. Famous blue marlin, black marlin, and yellowfin tuner will most likely arrive starting January to March. During this time, shellfish, snapper, chicken, and duration and arrival occur. During this time, people from America, Canada, and Europe come to this place for fishing during the winter.

Rooster Fishing Packages

Raining Season (May-November) 

Rainfall in this place is mainly limited to noon and evening. Creates an opportunity for angling in the morning. In May, June, July, and November, the mash only a few hours of rain in the afternoon. It receives the most rainfall in October. In the wet season, many fish can go elsewhere in search of oxygen-rich water. Fields are exposed to tuna fishing. Tuna weigh 10-20 pounds, and game fish tuna is available for up to 200-300 pounds. If you are relatively less likely to get close to Billfish during the wet season, forget that when you snatch a rooster or a snapper. You can get up to 10 Dorados anywhere.

Legal Aspects of Costa Rica

Many people think that fish stocks are gradually declining due to non-compliance with angling rules and regulations. However, the Costa Rican Authority has ensured that angling regulations are complied with. Everyone is always aware when fishing in Costa Rica. Most of the people here survive by fishing.

Fishing License

To get a valid online angling license issued online by the Costa Rica Real Fisheries Institute Incopesca, you have to pay 15 15 for eight days, 30 30 for a month, and 50 50 for a year, regardless of whether you are a native or a foreigner.

Catch and Release 

Rules to be issued to catch all Billfish. They are brought to the side of the boat before being released into the sea to ensure their chances of survival. Then the Anglers caught them. Fishers should leave snapper, dorado, and tuna while fishing.

Then start planning your Costa Rica angling vacation now without waiting any longer. We guarantee your safety whether you are new, confused, or a skilled angler. All the top angling charters in this famous place are equipped with top-class gear for fast angling in the Pacific Ocean. Our position is at the top of all other experiences to ensure your fishing in This place. Contact us today for your trip.


Sit back and enjoy the ride through the Pacific waters of the Central Pacific area with its many luxuriant green islands, palm-tree-fringed white beaches, and an incredible variety of wildlife like whales, dolphins, turtles, and many more. All our trips are accompanied by an experienced English-speaking fisherman, with works with the local’s captains that have many years of experience, so when it comes to offshore fishing, we are local experts to take you on a full day of adventure.

Custom Fishing Adventures

will customize any range of sport fishing adventures the angler desires, from inshore to offshore Fishing; we can accommodate your preferences, Full Day, Half Day or Multiple day Fishing

Most boats are equipped with GPS, color fish finders, emergency first aid kits, and big state-of-the-art game

The sailfish dancing on the surface with lightning speed, and the giant mighty big marlin attract anglers through these stunning waters of Costa Rica. Sailfish are the largest I have ever found since My first in Cabo San Lucas In 1975.

The average here is 100 lb, and I have to believe that some that we have thrown were 140 lb or more. Here they are present 12 months out of the year, with Dec. launched July being the top month.

In these months, it is not uncommon to lift 10-20 to the boat on a given day, with an amazing day seeing as many as 30-40 +. My best day fishing here with world record captain Bobby McGuinness who raised 90+ for the boat and landed 27 all on flying that particular day.

Marlin is a breed of their own. Usually, you only get a quick shot at them. It would be best if you moved fast and did did not make mistakes once he perceived something was wrong.

So crucial while chasing these billfish is an excellent experienced skipper and mate who can maneuver your boat into your dream. I have fished with many in my life and have not found any as good as Bobby McGuinness. Once you have experienced it a few times, it is not difficult to know how many times your captain has been at the helm. Again, this is one of the reasons to book only with us, as we know and work with only the best.


We have blue and black marlin here in Costa Rica and the strange striped marlin. The blue marlin is a complete attack mode at all times. I have seen that many times come and go like some neon lights. Once connected will attack the ship in full charge; I have in video one in particular that charged the boat three times, the surfaces 50-100 ‘away, and then headed to full speed for the ship, as roar out of his way, which was to fly through the transom.


On the other hand, a black marlin fights with its power and weight. It will pull you up until you do not think you can do more than one safe than another on the same day.

We caught them here in Costa Rica, as hefty as 1,000 pounds. I have seen Captain Bobby McGuinness lift 9 to the boat in a single day, and our customers land successfully 4 of them; they were everywhere. If a big blue or black is what you are looking for, then COSTA RICA is your place.

Costa Rican waters are also full of Dorado 12 months out of the year; it’s a rare day in the water here not to see a 3-4 Dorado chasing in their lures. November, December, January, and February are the best since the rainy season has just finished, and the rivers have washed the logs and debris down and toward the sea.

As you find them floating on the off-shore surface, there will be a concentration of baitfish of all sizes along with Dorado and, quite often, an account fish of some nature. I have seen as simple as a plywood sheet, barrel, or tree stump holding several gilded under it. The best was a bunch of stumps and trunks entangled in a fish network in the open sea that should be 30-40 ‘in diameter. We managed to get 17 Dorado out of under it until a giant blue marlin flew by and ran it all off. What a breathtaking sight, the Dorado all flying through the air while the + 500-pound marlin was trying to eat them.