Costa Rica Fishing Experts

Marina Pez Vela

Quepos has a new marina. Marina Pez Vela is open ready for the fisherman. Access to loading and unloading is excellent. The proximity to Furuno Banks, which everyone knows is the most famous fishing areas in Costa Rica (about an hour away on a good boat). Coastal rooster fishing is excellent when sardines are available.

The key with the port of Quepos is that it is located next to Manuel Antonio, which offers cheap hotels to luxury cliff polygons. There are private houses, many hotels, and just a lot of options for accommodation. On the coast of Quepos, there is some rooster fishing and some snook fishing in the spring.

Fishing of Quepos, you will find fishing with the boats of Los Sueños. The reason for choosing more than Quepos Los Sueños is the fastest run to Furuno banks and the multitude of accommodation possibilities. It is a little less expensive to fish in Quepos due to the lower cost of mooring.