Tour expeditions to Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is the second most visited park in Costa Rica after the Poas Volcano National Park.

The popularity of the park has led to the development of surrounding areas, with a transition of the rainforest and beautiful beaches of white sand.


Departure time: 7:30 am.
What’s Included: Air conditioned transportation, time to swim at the beach, bilingual guide, entrance fee and lunch.
What to bring: sunscreen, insect repellent clothing and comfortable walking shoes, bathing suit and towel, sandals, camera and cover.

Costa Rica Manuel Antonio National ParkDespite Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest national parks in Costa Rica, the diversity of wildlife in its 6.83 km ² no comparison to 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds.
Both the three-toed sloth, such as Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth, are an important feature, since the four species of monkeys in Costa Rica, spider monkey, howler monkey, squirrel monkey and capuchin monkey capuchin monkey.

The Black-tailed iguana Espinosa, the green iguana, the common basilisk, coati, snakes and many species of bats are also common in the park. The National Park has beautiful nature trails and panoramic views.
The park is open daily except Mondays..

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Any person who travels through the middle of the Pacific, to visit Manuel Antonio. That is not only easy FIND sea, but it is actually one of the Most Beautiful Parks of Costa Rica. It IS LOCATED Along the Pacific coast and has an estuary, mangroves, a lagoon, beaches...

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