Manuel Antonio Fishing

Manuel Antonio Fishing Costa Rica

If you are looking for the perfect fishing trip, look no further! Manuel Antonio fishing stands out from the rest because of the wealth of different fishing options available in the region. From deep-sea fishing to inshore fishing to surfing fishing to mangrove fishing – you name it, Manuel Antonio fishing has it. Even the most experienced anglers are blown away when they get to experience fishing in the Manuel Antonio waters for the first time!

Let’s begin with deep-sea fishing. You will get the opportunity to fish for an extensive selection of fantastic fish. This encompasses; Sailfish, Marlin, Grouper, Dorado, Snapper, Amberjack, Wahoo, and Yellowfin Tuna. Catching Dorado is a particular highlight for most people who get to experience fishing in Manuel Antonio. When hooked, they are airborne fighters who tail-walk the surface. They are a pure vision to watch as they display a vibrant selection of colors, including; yellow, blue, and green. And let’s not ignore how delicious Dorado tastes when cooked – as does Tuna and Wahoo.

Rooster Fishing Manuel Antonio
Rooster Fishing Manuel Antonio

You will also have great fun enjoying the sport of inshore fishing. This gives you the opportunity to catch the likes of Snook, Snapper, and Roosterfish. The Roosterfish is a challenge most anglers relish. They are a powerful species of fish and can weigh up to approximately 75 pounds. This is a great test for even the most experienced of fishermen. And whilst you will enjoy catching Snook and Snapper, you will love taking it back to your villa and indulging in the tasty fish as well. And it is not only the fishing that is an experience. You will get to enjoy all of this whilst there is the dramatic backdrop of the mountains and the rainforest. This makes the experience truly magical.

Surf fishing in Manuel Antonio is a tougher challenge, yet one you should definitely experience nonetheless. There are lots of people who make great catches off the beach. Towards the west of Manuel Antonio, there are rocks; this is the best place to position yourself when enjoying surf fishing in the area. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t make a catch straight away. In fact, the last two hours when the tide is outgoing, is the best time to catch some fish.

Sport Fishing for Marlin
Manuel Antonio: Sport Fishing for Marlin

And finally, what about fishing in the mangroves? This is an adventure in itself when you consider the dramatic setting. You will get to fish whilst monkeys roam free, and exotic tropical birds fly around. It is like something out of a movie! Begin by casting your net and capturing a decent amount of shrimp, small fish, and small crabs. The Isla Damas mangrove has a huge variety of fish for you to catch. This includes everything from the Red Snapper to the Snook to Seabass. You will marvel over the color and shape of these exciting fish.