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Los Suenos Fishing Costa Rica

If you are a fisherman or a professional and leisure fisherman most likely you have been in many places in the world to testing your fishing skills, if you have never been to Los Suenos Marina in Costa Rica then you have missed the point of fishing # 1 Hot in the Americas!

The Los Suenos Marina is hidden in a small bay called Herradura (Horseshoe) Bay on the coast of Costa Rica Central Pacific and an hour’s drive from Juan Santamaria International Airport.

Los Suenos Marina is recognized as the fishing of the capital of Costa Rica.

This is where the famous “Los Suenos Signature Billfishing Tournament” part of the “Triple Crown” had a world record record of 2172 billfish catches by 42 ships in three days.

32 Feet Fishing Charter

32 Ft Fishing Charter

Features: 32 SGL espresso Forbes 420HP cat, Cruising speed 30 knots, twin engine, fish finder, VHF radio, GPS, stereo, captain and mate.

High: Capacity: 5 people.

Included: snacks, sandwich, chicken, soft drinks and lots of beer.

Fishing Mean Time: 7:00 to 12:30 md.

Full time: 7:00 to 16:00.

Los Suenos Costa Rica Charter Boat HatTrick 36

36 ft Fishing Boat

Features: 450 HP CAT, Armoured, Fish Finder, VHF radio, GPS, stereo, captain and mate.

High Capacity: Max 6 Persons. All inclusive snacks, Sandwich, Chicken, sodas and a lot of beer.

Time Half Day Fishing: 7:00 to 12:30 md.

Full Day: 7:00 to 16:00 Gear: LEE fishing Chair; PENN and SHIMANO(In and Off Shore)

Goliat 30 Foot Charter

30 Ft Fishing Charter

IGFA Certified Captain: 30′ MAKO, – Sgl 150 hp suzuki, – Crusing speed: 30 knots, – GPS, – VHF Radio, – Fish Finder, – Stereo System, – Captain & Mate
FISHING GEAR: Penn International (25-50), SHIMANNO 30, Outriggers, Downrigger, Live Bait Well

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Life Jackets, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Equipment, EPIRB, Liferaft

Jaco Beach Los Suenos Fishing

Sport fishing in Costa Rica Jaco, Jaco Beach and Los Suenos is only 1 hour and 25 minutes from San Jose, is the layer known as the spa town where the best fish to catch welcomes visitors, when it comes fishing in Costa Rica can be trusted captains in and out of the marina of marine dreams of international fame.

Los Suenos FishingLos Suenos Marina Herradura Bay 10 minutes north Jaco, is home to Fleet Sport-fishing, largest and most known of world-class Costa Rica.

They are Marina is beautifully and Managed One of the BEST destinations serviced fishing on the Pacific coast of the sport across the southern border with the United States, as well as compete with Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

He held permanent fleet in June Deprived excellent fishing boats and hire 365 days a year, THUS That Guests docking International, ou pour more common in non maritime court for the Fishing and Other leisure time.

Virtually all year between the value of SHIP Who nest in the tribunes Los Suenos Two to three thousand million.

los suenos sport fishing
In the waters of Los Suenos Marina you have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish all year round increased hunting; Consult the guide below for specific fish and the best time to connect them.

The Ultimate Fishing Charter Experience

Marlin – The Apex Predator is the most revered fish by all anglers as the King Sportfishing because of its strength, power, size and toughness.

Los Suenos Marina the best time of year to catch this price of fish is during the months of December to April.


black marlin

Sailfish – The Airtime King, due to its impressive speed and stunning acrobatic jumps, this predatory trophy makes each list of fishing bucket.
Sailfish is recognized as the fastest fish in the ocean to reach speeds over 68 mph (110 km / h). Fishing Dreams, pilgrim is abundant all year round, especially during the months of December to March.

sailfish los suenos


Yellow tuna – Considered the fastest and strongest tuna game, this predator is a favorite among anglers who fish for their speed and strength.

Ahi tuna is common during the months of January to June, but most can be had during spring and early summer on dreams.

yellow fin tuna

yellow fin tuna

Roosterfish – Roosterfish is one of the most recognized for their long spines of the fish’s dorsal fin.

Roosterfish looks are paired with a super aggressive attitude and is a very exciting time for any fisherman catch. Charters of Los Suenos Marina Roosterfish capture all year round but are most abundant during November to March.

rooster fish los suenos

rooster fish

Dorado (Dorado) are known for their sudden bursts of speed that can reach 50 mph, accompanied by high jumps, as well as its reputation as one of the finest hunting tasting fish that make this species a favorite of fishermen.
The Fishing Charters Los Suenos engaging in large amounts of Dorado from late May to November is the rainy season in Costa Rica (the heaviest rains usually come in October).

dorado fish

dorado fish

Snapper – Snapper is a predator found in coastal rocky areas with depths of 59-180 feet. These hard fighting fish, shallow waters are very fun game on light throw, and are taken working holes and shelves.

The months of July to December are the best times to hunt these dreams fish.



Wahoo – These cruises are the only predators and are fast torpedo that can offer a crushing strike and establish their smoking reel with its powerful tracks.

It is always a surprise when one of these villains hammer your bait, so it is a favorite of many fishermen. With Fishing Charters Los Suenos the best time of year to fight these rockets is from July to August.

wahoo fish

wahoo fish

Jaco itself is the June more popular resorts in Costa Rica.

It provides union hotel a dazzling array of sports-savvy Fishing moderate Four stars; dinner good; Colorful shops; All water sports springs; throbbing zip-line and ATV Tours; Modern and tells the supermarkets Banks amenities and a bustling nightlife.

Jaco / Los Sueños is distinguished as the first destination of Costa Rica fishing. Especially Known As Jacó is a surf beach On a bathing beach, and because of its proximity and not easy access from the capital, the center is a recreational and Enjoy A large living and pay foreign tourists Costa Rican Similar.

Jaco Beach dreams Fishing go hand in hand

Jaco Beach Los Suenos FishingFor sport fishing in Costa Rica, south Jaco fishing and dreams go hand in hand.

Jaco / Los Suenos offers the high performance certain fishermen in the water leaving Costa Rica 365 days a peer At the Coast TIME AND OFFSHORE ribs.

Most of the fish are less Screen One hour drive to the Marina. Every day at sea, fishermen who come to fish in the Jacó with success can be treated and catch Sailfish, Marlin and Dorado (mahi-mahi), tuna and wahoo WELL What albacore. Fishermen in the region who come to pay the coastal fishing adventures, Jaco Costa Rica before Presotherapy light snapper, grouper you, you Mackerel, Jack, and Other Species amberjack Every day of the year.

 Los Suenos to a previous International bill fish bite without recognition

Los Suenos and Jaco fishing Particularly Sailfish – Who Union held everywhere in the world in the region for thousands, From January to the end of April.

Jaco / Los Sueños stands for Sailfish; Each year that hosts Signature Billfish Series Attracting Great sport fishing boats and Worldwide Captains, Voit and the release of more than 5,000 rostrum On Fishing nine days.

los suenos fishing marlin

los suenos fishing marlin

Los Suenos Fishing Charters

As one of the best marinas in Costa Rica, you will have many charter fishing boats to choose from. Your choices range from small 20 foot boats to fully loaded luxury boats 40 feet and over.

The question is how to choose the ship and the captain? Obviously, if you are an experienced fisherman on the high seas, you have some knowledge of types of boats and gear, etc. but if you have any experience in Costa Rica, its success in the high seas can be a shit shit.

Larger maps can comfortably support 6 to 14 anglers depending on the size of the boat. Larger boats usually have services such as bedrooms, air conditioning unit, TV, radar and depth sounder, generator lights, navigator, radio and open deck.

Letters of medium size (4 to 6 people) usually come with reels and customized bar selections, teaser bait switch stations, bathroom with shower, air conditioning, GPS, depth sounder, digital depth probe, radar and Stereo / TV.

Small cards can accommodate 3-5 people come and usually come with fishing berths from the shaded area to rest; GPS Navigator graphics, depth sounder, bait wells and stabilizers.

Los Sueños Fishing

Find Half & Full day Fishing Trips leaving from los Sueños Marina and Herradura Bay

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