Los Suenos amazing fishing location

Undoubtedly there are only a few fishing destinations that offer settings better than Costa Rica. Deep-sea fishing is one of the most high-end activities in Costa Rica. It has some of the most attractive fishing destinations in the world. Costa Rica is endowed with a vast, rich coastal ecosystem that stretches across 800 miles of coastline, attracting trophy hunters and eager anglers from across the world.
This small country of 5 million people owns nearly two dozen IGFA world records such as 87 pounds dolphinfish and 59 pounds Pacific snook. Among many different eye-catching fishing hotspots offered by Costa Rica, there are few, if any, that are comparable to Los Suenos

Fishing Charter Los Suenos 42 ft
Fishing Charter Los Suenos 42 ft

Los Suenos
Do you know that Los Suenos marina is the world billfish capital? And that this place holds billfish tournaments annually? If not, then let us enlighten you all about fishing in Los Suenos.
Los Suenos is a dream-like location present hour away from the capital of Costa Rica, on the central Pacific coast, offering breathtaking panoramic views of blue water and rainforest backdrop.
Los Suenos is also home to a world-class, 1100 acre fishing and vacation destination: the Los Suenos resort and marina. A number of anglers flock throughout the year to this full-service 200 slip marina. For anglers looking for a complete fishing package, you will find Playa Herradura and Jaco equally rewarding as Los Suenos.

Packages for Small Groups
Packages for Small Groups

What to look for in Los Suenos?
In Los Suenos, 10 to 20 miles away from Herradura Bay, you will experience fishing that is considered pure angling nirvana as anglers can get their hands on a variety of amazing fish species such as Dorado amberjack, grouper, bigeye tuna, wahoo, marlin, and Billfish.
You can experience a blast catching 30- 50 pound roosterfish and different kinds of snappers and snook species during inshore fishing.
In short, your fishing opportunities are endless here at Los Suenos.

los suenos sport fishing
los suenos sport fishing

Best time to fish in Los Suenos
Los Suenos will never disappoint you because whenever you visit it there are plenty of chances to get rewarding results.
However, the best season for sport fishing starts in November and lasts till June. These months are excellent, particularly for Billfish. According to some expert anglers, you can find marlin, Dorado, and yellowfin tuna can be reeled in throughout the year.
You can also catch snapper and Roosterfish throughout the year, but during the months of September and October, it’s less likely to catch them.
Let’s take a look at the fishing calendar of Los Suenos.
Type of fish

FishJan-Feb-Mar Off ShoreApr-May-Jun Off ShoreJul-Aug-Sep Off ShoreOct-Nov -Dec Off Shore
Black MarlinFairGoodGoodExcellent
Blue MarlinFairGoodFairGood
Black MarlinFairGoodGoodExcellent
SailfishExcellentGood +GoodExcellent
DoradoExcellentGood +GoodExcellent
Yellow Fin TunaExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
FishJan-Feb-Mar In ShoreApr-May-Jun In ShoreJul-Aug-Sep In ShoreOct-Nov -Dec In Shore

Best Fishing Methods in Los Suenos
When choosing the best fishing techniques for a particular location, the wisest thing to do is to plan your gear according to the type of catches you can most likely get. And, in the case of Los Suenos, you can get to hunt Central America’s most wanted inshore fish around the bays and reef-filled areas. A brief overview of relevant information has been provided under including the type of fish and the fishing methods required to catch that species.

Offshore Fishing Costa Rica
Offshore Fishing Costa Rica

Surfcasting is one way to catch this species when you plan to stay on the beach and try your luck on the shoreline. And when you do that, don’t forget to take along all heavy-duty tackle. However, you can also use surfcasting when wading into the surf.
Secondly, consider using Trolling when; 1) standing on land, 2) at a boat with fishing lines drawn slowly from the rear end, 3) or at the jetty.
Flyfishing is the third technique that can be used to catch RoosterfishRoosterfish of all sizes, either small or large. In case if you are an experienced fly fisherman, don’t hesitate to try it when riding a boat.

Rooster Fishing Packages
Rooster Fishing Adventures

Snappers and Groupers
From among the Snapper family, Cubera Snapper is the fish you can easily get to catch at the Bottom of water around reefs and wrecks. They usually swim along with these areas at night in search of food. So, you too will have to look for them at night. Wreck fishing and Bottom Fishing are two methods of fishing that can work best for you in such conditions. Although you can catch all sorts of members from the Grouper family in this location, Broomtail Grouper is one species that you can feasibly catch using Bottom Fishing since they too are found at the seabed.

Red Snapper Fishing
Red Snapper Fishing

Yellowfin Tuna and the Dolphinfish
No matter which season you plan to go fishing in Los Suenos, you can always find Tuna and Mahi Mahi; Whether be at the bay or in the deep blue waters, trolling is seen as the most sought-after technique in both cases. Pole and Line are yet another method anglers can use to catch Tuna, but that too one fish at a time.

Yellowfin tuna Sportfishing
Yellowfin tuna Sportfishing

Billfish and Marlin
Billfish and Marlin are both giant fish that offer plenty of challenges to an angler. So, go looking for them when you have mastered the basics of fishing. You may either use Drift fishing coupled with live bait or trolling with artificial lures for Billfish. And, trolling again can also serve as the best technique while catching Marlin at a speed of 6.5 to 8 knots.

Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin

Fishing hotspots
Now that we have discussed the types of fish and best fishing methods, let’s discover some best places or spots near Los Suenos to get a memorable catch.

Central pacific
The Central Pacific region is another fishing hotspot near Los Suenos. It is a narrow strip of land that extends from the north of Jaco to the south of Manuel Antonio. Protected wildlife, sandy beaches, and blue water of the ocean that is teeming with a variety of deep-sea fish species make it an unforgettable fishing destination.
If we talk about the fishing experience in the central Pacific, well, once you are in the deep seawater, you can’t go wrong. Anglers can catch a pretty abundant amount of deep-sea beasts such as Marlin, Roosterfish, Snook, Dorado, wahoo, Tuna, and Sailfish. Once you hit the deep water, let your captain or guide do the work of finding your dream fish.
Since there are no ports in the near vicinity, you can reach here via pangas that can take you from the shore.

Jaco is a popular spot for sport fishing. This excellent fishing location is often visited by anglers drawn to Herradura Bay and Los Suenos. Anglers can catch grouper, RoosterfishRoosterfish, cubera, wahoo, mackerel, snapper, amberjack throughout the year, except for red tide. However, for Dorado, the best time would be between December and June as it is migratory fish.
Numerous charter fishing boats offer trips to catch sailfish that never disappoint. Different boats are used for fishing, including 26 ft boat, 28 ft panga, 30 ft central console, 30′ Luhrs express, 30 ft fishing boat, and different sizes of the charter with A/C.

Playa Herradura
Playa Herradura is present a few minutes away from Costanera Sur highway. Playa Herradura, also known as horseshoe Bay is to which Los Suenos opens onto is a great fishing point offering numerous types of fish. Within 15 to 30 miles of the coast, you can find some best places to find Billfish in the world. Apart from other fishing methods, people also enjoy spearfishing, which is very famous in Playa Herradura.
Anglers can easily catch huge blue, black and striped marlin. Although most fishing trips to Herradura are planned because of Billfish, you can also catch the following fish:
Blue marlin
Black marlin
Striped marlin
Pacific Sailfish
Gold (mahi-mahi)
Yellowfin tuna
Things to consider
Before going fishing in Costa Rica, it would be best to get acquainted with the local laws and regulations. First of all, if you plan to fish from the shore, there is no need for a license, but if you are out in the deep water, you will require a license from INCOPESCA. All RoosterfishRoosterfish and sailfish should be released. However, you can get your share of meat by reeling in an ample amount of snook available year-round.