Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica fishing is world famous.

Everybody knows that.

But Costa Rica kayak fishing for big fish?

Eskimos invented kayak fishing (and ice fishing!) but I’m sure you’ll agree it’ll be a lot more fun in the tropics (this fellow is wearing a cap and long-sleeved shirt because of the sun, not the temperature).

No icebergs to worry about.

No polar bears.

Fish. Sometimes very big fish.

costa rica Fishing roosterfish

Think I’m exaggerating? Think again.

With about 799 miles of coastline on two oceans, Costa Rica fishing is great year-round and there are more than 80 Costa Rica world fishing records.

Never kayaked? No problem. These little craft, seating one or two people, are remarkably stable.

And they’re available and reasonably priced in lots of places. Many are configured with rod holders.

You can either try your luck on your own or get a guide for the day. Either way, you’ll be the captain.

There are lots of ocean species to look for on your Costa Rica vacation including tuna, sailfish, mackerel, jacks, roosterfish, snook, barracuda, snapper, and tarpon (in the Caribbean).

Or, for some great freshwater fishing.

Maybe you’ll catch a world record from your kayak. Or just hook the “big one that got away.”

If you’re ambidextrous, like the fellow in the picture below, you can fish with both hands (and catch two fish).

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing

Or, perhaps you’d like to take a leisurely sea kayak voyage and catch your dinner. You can do that on your Costa Rica vacation, too.

Don’t be surprised if porpoises join you, flying fish sail past, or a giant sea turtle (maybe 1200 pounds!) or whale pops up alongside.

But, since you’ll be sitting about six inches above the water, I promise YOU WILL BE SURPRISED when the fish pops up almost in your face! Here’s the deal, though. Take your video camera.

Imagine going back home and telling your friends you hooked a 100 pound sailfish while Costa Rica kayak fishing?

Who’ll believe you? Nobody—not even your mother, as gullible as she is.

And then. . .

Show the video.

Just remember who gave you the idea (and please send me the video!)