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Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

With a horizon that is rapidly approaching levels Miami Beach, Jaco is a mini-city where fast-food restaurants, high-rise condominiums, casinos, and bars are updated continuously. Their constant jumps have always been a magnet for surfers around the world, and nightlife has no limits.

With dark sand and a city full of people, despite the relative unattractiveness of Jaco Beach, its proximity to San Jose directed diehard surfers Ticos and revelers trapped in the town for a day trip or weekend surf destination. You will notice that the city is full of late Friday.

Although the waters have strong currents and dangerous waves, Jaco here, especially at the southern end of the beach, is much easier to handle for amateur surfers neighboring Playa Hermosa. There are dozens of surf schools and board rentals to choose from in the city and on the beach.

Visit all the different ecosystems of the lagoon, such as forests and swamps. These precise locations, within minutes, do not miss the primary and secondary forests. Visit Jaco Beach and immerse yourself in an exciting journey to the Naranjo or Savegre River for some white water rafting, and you will not be disappointed. Worth the trip and the time you spend on this trip to the Grand River.

Jaco, Costa Rica

Other Adventures and activities include a visit to the Reserve Carara National Park, which is almost an hour away from Manuel Antonio and just 20 minutes from Jaco Beach. Of course, you can also book your private transfers to and from Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio, San Jose, and many other regions of Costa Rica.

Whether you choose air or land, Remember Manuel Antonio, is just about 55 minutes on private transportation or take the long way on by taking the public bus, that will lead us something like three hours from, of course, you can also have your stops in any place you’d like to. But never skip Orotina City and just before reaching Playa Jaco. But whatever you do on the Pacific coast, Costa Rica never leaves without a visit to the world-famous Manuel Antonio National Park, a paradise for nature lovers.

Things To do in Jaco Beach

If surfing is not your thing, dozens of tours and activities can be organized in the city, including ATV tours, horseback riding, kayaking, and fishing. More adrenaline: Hunger can enjoy the panoramic adventure on land and water, paragliding, canopy tours, scuba diving sites around the company, bungee jumping, or city travel, such as Pacific Bungee. A quiet day sunbathing by the pool or hitting Jaco spa for a well-deserved massage and a facial; another possibility is heavenly.


Jaco offers endless possibilities of accommodation for all budgets, including camps and lodges, luxury condos on the beach, hotels, and condominiums. As there is no shortage of restaurants in the city, it is a good idea to diversify and try something new every day.

In recent years, Jaco has built a reputation in Costa Rica, a city by the sea, and it is likely that during your stay, you will find that the two prostitutes and drugs are available here. However, if you are here to browse or enjoy health, you should not be affected directly.