Jaco Sea Kayak, Snorkeling & Fishing Tours

Jaco Sea Kayak, Snorkeling, and Fishing Tours are serious fun. We’ve been doing it for ten years and feel we have it perfected. The scenery is spectacular; our equipment is top-notch and easy to paddle. We snorkel (when conditions permit) from the beach, so we have many options if someone in the group is into monkey-watching or beachcombing. Our tour is ½ day affair with departures from our base in Playa Agujas at 8.15 am and 2.15 pm. Transportation is available from Jaco and all the surrounding beaches. Special prices if you arrive in your transportation.

A few different trips are offered around Jaco and surrounding towns. Kayak Tours range from gentle paddles and floats on the Tulin River to combination ocean-kayaking/snorkeling trips on calm Herradura Bay to full-on kayak surfing at one of the local beach breaks.

You can also do moderate white-water kayaking in easy-to-use inflatable kayaks or try your hand in the ocean on one of the eight-person outrigger canoes. Most kayak options run around 4 hours and include transportation to and from the put-in and fresh fruit and soft drinks during the trip. Tours cost between $70 and $90 per person, depending on the trip and group size.

Kayak Fishing 
 Fishing from kayaks is nothing new. That’s why the Eskimos invented the craft. Lately, kayak fishing is regaining the popularity it had hundreds of years ago. The concept is simple, go out in a small boat under your power and try to catch some fish.

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing

 The kayaks we use by Heritage are very comfortable and stable, making great fishing platforms. Our local Costa Rica guides grew up fishing these waters, and they know how to catch fish. Imagine the adrenaline factor of hooking a 10lb red snapper, snook, or Gallo in a 50 lb boat compared to hooking a 100lb sailfish in a 7000lb boat. It’s pretty fun stuff and a lot easier on the checkbook.

With your transportation, rates start at $95 p/p minimum of two persons. Includes bottled water and fruit buffet.

Outriggers canoe 
 Outrigger canoes have been exploring the world’s warmer oceans for centuries, long before Columbus came to Costa Rica; the people of Oceania were exploring the Pacific in outrigger canoes. On our Costa Rica tour, that is precisely what you will do. You will discover why the outrigger canoe is the perfect craft to take out your family or group on an excellent outing to beautiful secluded beaches to swim and snorkel (snorkeling only when conditions permit) in clear, calm waters and see Costa Rica that you came to visit. In the outrigger, there is always a guide steering the canoe for you; there can be up to 7 other paddlers to share the load so that arrival at our destination is not entirely up to you. They are incredibly stable, comfortable, and easy to paddle. They are ideal for families, youth groups, corporate breakaways, team-building activities, and even races. They are made for a fun, “no experience necessary” ½ day getaway. 

 Tours depart from Playa Agujas at 8.10 am, 10:45 am, and 1:40 pm. Transportation is available from Jaco and all the neighboring beaches.
Kayak, outrigger canoe, and snorkeling tours Adults $75 Children $60
Tours with transportation from Esterillo and Hilton Doubletree Adults $95 Children $60
Have your vehicle?  Discount rates Adults $55 Children $35
Private tours are available min. Eight persons. Please email us for discount rates at [email protected]

 Snorkeling is included in almost everything we do in Jaco. The water is warm the fish are small, colorful, and plentiful. It’s not too deep where we go, and we always leave from the beach so that if someone in your group does not want to snorkel, they can go beachcombing or take a hike. They won’t be stuck bobbing about in some small boat for an hour getting seasick while you’re out having fun.
 Wave action and runoff (when local rivers run high) can affect visibility. The rock reefs we snorkel over are always full of colorful fish, but we can’t always see them. That’s why our tour centers on paddling to beautiful beaches that are great for swimming and exploring. We think of snorkeling as a bonus.

Tours from Playa Blanca de Punta Leona Adults $75 Children $50
Terms from Esterillo and Hilton Doubletree Adults $95 Children $60
Tours include transportation, equipment, bottled water & a fruit buffet

Surf Kayak 
 Surfing in a kayak, it’s not that we can’t stand up; it’s just that we are true paddlers. Want to learn how? Need us to plan for your surf safari? Or maybe your just looking for someone to share a sunset session with. Costa Rica’s warm water and attitude towards paddlers will make surfing here a great experience. We hosted the World Surf Kayak Championships in 2005, but we are in it for more than the competition.