Playa Jaco is ready for the Big Games World Surfing 2016

Jaco Beach Costa Rica is ready for the Games World Surfing 2016

Team Costa Rica surfing The ISA World Surfing Games champions defend their title on the home ground from August 6 to 14 in Jaco Beach. Last year, Costa Rica won the gold medal by teams from 27 nations, beating Portugal and USA .. Pavones Noe March native McGonagle won the individual gold medal. This year, it is expected that over 130 surfers from up to 30 countries to attend the event which took place in front of the Best Western Jaco Beach Resort All Inclusive.

Costa Rica Surfing Team in 2015This event marks the first time the games are held in the waters of Costa Rica in seven years. According to the International Surfing Association (ISA), the 2009 ISA World Surfing Games at Playa Hermosa passed into history as one of the ISA World Championships the most visited in history, with over 100,000 participants per week, generating approximately $ 2.5 million in revenue.

Costa-Rica-ISA-Event Randall Chaves, president of the Federation Rican Costa Surf said: “We envision a world championship record, as in 2009, but most of the time, we imagine an extraordinary opportunity for tourism in showing waves, athletes and people are expected to Costa Rica. “Hundreds of thousands of fans to descend on the long beach of 2.5 miles (4 km) known for offering some of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica.

In late May, the Surf Federation of Costa Rica published a list of 13 athletes selected to compete for the six seats in the national team representing Costa Rica in games. This list includes six World Champions 2015 * and is subject to change depending on the criterion that is assigned coaching changes. Athletes currently on the list are:

1. Noe McGonagle *
2. Carlos Muñoz *
3. Anthony Fillingim *
4. Jason Torres *
5. Angelo Bonomelli
6. Castillo Durby
7. Tomas Rey
8. Gilbert Brown
9. Maykol Torres
10. Luis Vindas

OPEN woman
1. Leilani McGonagle *
2. Lisbeth *
3. Emily Gussoni

“We are very pleased to begin this process with all these talents Costa Rica included in this first list. We know each of them and give everything, “said Randall Chaves.

surf tourism increases in Costa Rica. According to, 20% of tourists come to Costa Rica for surfing. That’s 400,000 visitors and nearly $ 830 million coming into the economy.

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