Jaco Beach Party Vacation

You come to Jaco. You want to party. But you do not know where to go,

We are constantly entertained by people who say they have heard this bar was good and the game is over there on Friday … but this is a more open bar, or the party is not in the other place for 3-4 years. As elsewhere in the world, the nightlife in Jaco is constantly changing. Guides and websites you read could be for several years and not know …. A great bar that his friend went to 5 years ago cannot be opened there. Purple haze? I Ido! Space? Closed! Loro Loco? Fact! ¿Monkey Bar? Goodbye! To help, we’ve set up this quick guide to get an idea of where to go every night of the week.

Here is your daily guide to the who, what, and where of the Jaco party scene.

Night: Monday is generally slow, but everyone goes to Orange for a local bar at night. Dance the night or take a table and hit the balls around.
Tuesday: Master Verde if you are looking for live music and a bit of craft beer. Your best bet to find the Tuesday night party at The Loft is … meaning, late after 12 hours.

Thursday: Everyone on the head of the city Jaco Blu Reggae Night and Ladies Night. Jaco Blu is a place outside, and the party is centered around the pool.

Complete Reggae Night Jaco Blu all Wednesday night.
Thursday: The nightlife starts to take, with Thursday being the weekend’s unofficial start. The first revelers should check out Friends and Orange. The popular game night towards Le Loft and Wave 2 of the few bars with a license later (after 2:30).

Los Amigos is a great place to warm up overnight.

LeLof Party Jaco Beach

Friday: Local people are full of Orange bar, which starts at 11 am. Wave and The Loft happen after midnight. Friends have an excellent previous group.
The Loft is still busy after midnight.
Sunday: Surfing Championships in Playa Hermosa Backyard Bar is a great place to party and watch the sunset.

The surf contest starts at 16:00 and is usually followed by live music or a DJ. Arrive early for a table or claim of a central part of the beach. Saturday is the busiest night of the week, and most places are full. Discover Friends of the Crowd before (9-12 pm).

The orange bar will be crowded, but the AC dress will not be so light. The Loft is a relatively small club filled with revelers after 12.

The disco Casino Croc collected a regular crowd for their weekly activities and was a great place to go after hitting the blackjack tables (open until 5:00).

Wave club is also open until 5 am and filled when other bars close.

Backyard Bar Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica Surf Contest
The Surf Contest begins at 16:00 every Saturday in the backyard bar. Sunday: Confirm the pool party at Jaco Blu every Sunday afternoon, and be sure to bring your swimsuit! Several bars are open, but The Loft, orange, and Pumping Wave Music will all be looking for your business.

Jaco Blu is the perfect place for pool parties on a Sunday afternoon.

Are you looking for something special?

Sports (UFC, football, baseball, basketball, football) -The Friends was the place to go to sporting events for almost ten years in Jaco. Make sure you call ahead if you want a table for the UFC series or other significant events, as they are always full.

Los Amigos is ideal for all sporting events, particularly UFC place.
Girls Girl *: The new bar called Frogs in Cocal Casino is the place to go if you want to meet girls. The girls begin to appear early in the afternoon and will be around until midnight. After midnight, the girls will spread to famous clubs that night. If it’s after midnight, The Loft offers the best opportunity to meet the girl of his dreams. * Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica. You have to pay to play with girls.

Casino Cocal is where guys look for women who work.

Party Jaco Beach Costa Rica Girls

The game: There are only 2 Jaco casinos worth going to. A Cocal Casino in downtown Jaco has slot machines, tables, and a poker room. Crocodile Casino opened in February 2015, former combatants and Vegas, where serious players are headed.

Head to Croc Casino for the most comfortable casino in Jaco

Live music: The Green Room has become the leader in Jaco’s live music. The Green Room has live music seven nights a week, some of the best musicians in the region, and international artists. There is often live music at a number of other places like Casino Croc, Backyard Bar, and Los Amigos.

The Green Room has live music every night of the week.
The Invisible Barrier Club: There is a strip club in the Jaco area called Centerfolds. Centerfold is located on the main avenue of Jaco above Kokomo.

Special Events: There are often concerts, special DJ, surf contests, etc in the area that can be a lot of fun. Ask around when you arrive in the city to ensure no particular parts are lost.

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