Improving Your Skills

Improving Your Fishing Skills

Fishing is your sport, or so you think. After all, you once caught a 15-pound cod — ten years ago — and ever since then you’ve known the next big one is just a castaway. Somehow, though, that cod eludes your efforts and you’re starting to think that fishing isn’t your sport after all or there’s an underwater conspiracy with your name on it. How can you overcome this piscine paranoia to become a better fisherman?

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Learn Patience

Your little boat is kitted out with every imaginable gadget, style of fly, rod, and reel, but something is missing. It’s possible that patience is the one thing you lack. For many men and women, fishing isn’t even about catching fish, ironically, but about securing time away from day-to-day demands and the doldrums of domesticity. They can accept and even enjoy life with the promise of fishing sometime during their weekend or even one big trip every month. Adopt the attitude that catching something worth taking pictures of is the bonus, not the ultimate result.

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Perfect Preparation

Who am I kidding? Every person, male or female, who goes out with a rod expects to return home victorious. Catching something friends or family can even eat that night is an amazing feeling, but one has to prepare well ahead of time in order for this to happen. If you’re a fly fisherman, practice your method. If you fish at sea, explore charts and GPS for signs of deep-sea wrecks or promising hubs where fish tend to congregate. Learn to read the environment and what it could be telling you: birds circling above or diving in for a feast for example.

Know the Season

Firstly, what’s in season right now? Don’t go out looking for cod when mackerel is a better bet. If marlins are biting, leave sailfish for another time. When you know what’s realistically available, this enables you to plan your tackle and rod.

You will carry the correct bait for the animals that are biting and the right size rod too; one that won’t break under the strain of a big bass or stupendous sturgeon. In rivers and freshwater lakes, flies might be the order of the day, but what insects are on the move and which are in the larvae stage? This will help you to the real world of insect life fish are feeding on week by week.

Costa Rica Fishing Calendar
Costa Rica Fishing Calendar

Cultivate Humility

Don’t be so arrogant that you refuse to take advice from other people. If you knew it, all your freezers would be bursting. Take it from the guy or gal with a full bucket, even someone much younger. This person might have some simple advice about finding shade or dressing in dark clothes that makes a big difference in how successful you are in the fishing stakes.