How much does it cost to go fishing in costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very famous fishing destination as it offers anglers easy access to all the top fishing locations in the region. Anglers can enjoy both inshore and offshore fishing in the nearby areas so whether you are looking to do deep sea fishing or fish on beaches near rips grass flats and in bays. It is possible for anglers to go on solitary fishing trips to men’s fishing locations, but it would be best to hire a fishing charter before you head out to fish in Costa Rica.

There is so much that visitors and foreigners don’t know about the water conditions fish location and other various factors that matter a lot when you are fishing in Costa Rica. So if you don’t want to get disappointed, you should consider hiring a fishing charter in Costa Rica. However, before you book an official charter, you would want to know different pricing options and facilities that are offered by different charges so that you can decide the best option for your needs. In this guide, we will be giving you all the information that you need to know about fishing charter prices and other facilities offered by them in Costa Rica.

Fishing Charter Price Sample:

  • 28ft Charter $750 Half Day $975 Full Day
  • 32ft Charter $850 Half Day $1200 Full Day
  • 35ft Charter $1300 Half Day $1700 Full Day
  • 42ft Charter $2300 Half Day $2700 Full Day
Fishing For Tuna
Fishing For Tuna

Inshore fishing charters

The exceptional fishing experience in Costa Rica must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Fishing charters in Costa Rica rank at the top in the world. Inshore fishing is carried out in sheltered waters near the shore where the sea is calm.

Inshore fishing charters are carried out on the tropical Pacific Coastline or the Caribbean Coast. There are many options for fishing charters that range from a 4-hour trip to an 8-hour trip. The bookings have to be made in advance, and the experienced crew will guide you and provide the necessary fishing equipment needed for the sport with knowledge as they make their way into the water.


 Price of the charter booking for single-family or group

Costa Rica is famous for pro and new anglers and reaching the major fishing spots conveniently. You can book charters online or by contacting any agency through email or phone. The charters have a professional crew who know how to help beginners or let the pros enjoy the waters.

The prices for inshore and offshore fishing trips depend on the time duration of the fishing trip. The estimated cost of a fishing charter trip in Costa Rica for 4 hours is about $700, while for a 6-hour fishing trip, the estimated cost would be $1087. The agency will charge approximately $1242 for an 8-hour 32ft Charter; this price will vary on the boat size as well as the setup of the charter

It is important to remember that the facilities and standards of the ship reduce or increase the cost of the trip. A charter with luxury facilities will cost more than a charter with basic facilities.

Types of charter boats

Among the kinds of fishing charters used in Costa Rica for inshore fishing center consoles are the most famous types. Their running costs are low, and they are fast. It provides tiny shade but then there is ample space to move around with your fishing gear. There is a basic toilet to use and a small space to store personal belongings.

The other common fishing charter anglers use in Costa Rica are sportfishing boats. They run smoothly in the water and are, therefore, great for those with seasickness. They are slow and cost more than the center consoles. The downside is that it goes a little further in the water for fishing.

Cost of Fishing in Costa Rica
Cost of Fishing in Costa Rica

 Other facilities

The fishing charters in Costa Rica are the best in the world as they facilitate the anglers to the fullest. Their charters are wheelchair accessible, which makes it an ideal activity for the impaired. The boats have infant seats and clean washrooms. There are drinks for safety equipment like life vests. The fishing gear is of top quality, and the professional crew will guide the beginners and make their trips memorable for life. 

Private luxurious charters provide full kitchens and rooms with air conditioners, comfortable beds, and seating arrangements.

 Type of Inshore fishes

The blue waters of Costa Rica are home to a large variety of fishes, including dog snapper, amber, grouper, and many others that are favorites of locals and tourists. Amberjack, Barracuda, Cubera Snapper, Grouper. Blue Trevally, Jack Crevalle, and Roosterfish are also found on the inshore of Costa Rica.

Offshore shore fishing charters

Anglers can go as far as 12 to 30 miles in the sea in Costa Rica for a world-class fishing experience. The charters are equipped with heavy trolling equipment and sonars and use radars for navigation.

The offshore fishing trips depend on seasonal factors. The weather conditions can influence the fish’s availability and behavior. The charters can be booked for the group in advance by the anglers online or by contacting them via phone call. The trip can be booked for 4 to 12 hours. The anglers can keep the catch if they want but must notify the captain beforehand.

The charters will provide lunch and refreshments if it’s a full-day tour. They are extremely comfortable, ranging from standard to luxurious categories.


Price of the charter booking for single-family or group

The fishing adventure in Costa Rica is a unique experience for professionals and new ones alike. It’s a great activity to do with family or friends. The fishing charters can be booked for different periods. A 4-hour trip for a group of 6 people can cost around $450, while a half-day tour for a group of 6 people will be $565. A full-day trip for the group will be for around $1500. 

Booking in advance can help you save costs. The amenities will be basic, and the luxurious charters will cost you more.

Types of charter boats

People from other countries visit Costa Rica for a world-class fishing experience. The comfortable and well-equipped boats make the fishing experience unique. The bay boats are used as anglers make their way into deep waters. Its raised casting deck on the bow makes it easy to spot fish. The boats can be 26ft to 55 feet yachts, allowing a big group to enjoy fishing adventures together.

The varying sizes of fiberglass boats can accommodate 4 to 10 people at a time and runs fast in the water. The deep V-hull gives it great speed on the water. This kind of boat is not recommended for people with back issues or sea sickness.

Tours for half-day or full-day can also be booked on private charters. They’re extremely lavish, with air-conditioned rooms and fully functional kitchens and bars.

The convertible sportfishing boats are ideal for chasing fish in deep waters. These kinds of boats are used by water sports lovers in Costa Rica for a safe and comfortable fishing experience.

Other facilities

Offshore charters provide snorkeling gear to dive into the water and see some breathtaking underwater life. They are equipped with life safety vests and clean toilets. Most of them are wheelchair accessible and have special seating arrangements for the children. The charter crew will provide snacks, bottled water, and beverages throughout the trip.

Type of offshore fish

You will be able to catch Mahi Mahi, Tuna Fish, Rooster Fish, and Red Snapper, the most famous in the area. Anglers also go offshore fishing for yellowfin tuna, marlin, wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and sailfish.