Horseback riding Tours in Costa Rica

Can you imagine anything more relaxing than a ride on a beach in Costa Rica? Perhaps you’d like a little adventure, such as seeing the forest from the horse like the early explorers. No matter how you would like to see the landscape of Costa Rica, offers the perfect horse tour to round off your holiday with us.

Horseback riding in the history of Costa Rica

Jaco Beach Horse back toursHorseback riding is a tradition dates back Thousands of years. In fact, much of human history around the world is closely related to the use of the horse, with historians tracing some of the first pilots to 3500 BC. , Although the use of horses has-been relegated to the history books mainly in country clubs like the United States, Costa Ricans still treasure They Their long association with horses.

All levels of Costa Rican society prize the Ability to own and ride a beautiful horse, while rural areas in many more, people still rely on horses as part of a working partnership. The word “ride” or “ride” is still used today to describe traveling on horseback During annual parades Which Participants from city to city go, sharing news and goods in celebration of momentous historical events. Another tradition of Costa Rica is the “cap” or “horse ride” Which are some of the events in the Most Watched country.

Your adventure on horseback in Costa Rica

As a visitor to Costa Rica through ITS accommodation, you will Have the opportunity to Participate in an experience personalized horse riding highlighting the spirit of love of Costa Rica for horses in a unique and memorable way. Regardless of your experience with horses in the past,  horseback tour is sure to be a pleasant and memorable trip. We will Ensure that you ‘are matched with a horse Whose personality and suits Their Own Given plenty of time to get to know your “partner”.

It is recommended to wear long pants or capris and closed shoes for comfort and safety. Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen before leaving. Note That riding is a great exercise for you and your horse; Have you will ample opportunity to rest and rehydrate along the route for optimal comfort ITS During estate experience. As it rises, focus on sitting up straight and use your core for balance; keep your body in a neutral position as you ride will give you a great workout and minimize pain post-ride too.

Are you ready to experience riding in Costa Rica you will remember for years to come? Costa Rica Fishing Experts can help you in September the perfect horse riding tour through the rich landscape Costa Rica on your next vacation; just click through our website to explore our vacation packages and rental beach house. Do not forget to read through our blog, you will learn Where more about your vacation in Costa Rica Where and how to get the MOST out of your trip.


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