Golfito Inshore and Bottomfishing

Golfito Inshore Fishing

Inshore we target the hard hitting, harder fighting roosterfish and are commonly catching fish to 50+ pounds. The sandy beaches hold schools of roosterfish that cruise looking for sardines and the rocky coasts and deep water structure hold the really big roosterfish that hide in the deep water and eat almost anything they can get a hold of.

Rooster Fishing
Rooster Fishing

The Golfo Dulce has many reefs that hold many types of jacks and snappers and the many rivers that empty into the gulf are prime locations to look for record class snook.

The ‘norm’ here is fishing live bait (sardines, blue runners, goggle eyes) for roosterfish and other members of the jack family. We fish the beaches and any other structure that may hold these fish that sometimes get to 70 pounds. Roosterfish put up a great fight once hooked and don’t let up until they are plenty tired.

Golfito Costa Rica Bottomfishing

The many reefs inside of the gulf are excellent holding structure for the many types of snappers that you will find here. The most prized, however is the giant cubera snapper and we commonly catch them to 40 pounds and the 50 and 60 pound fish are there for the angler skillful enough to take them from their rocky domain.

Red Snapper Fishing in Costa Rica
Red Snapper Fishing in Costa Rica

Grouper is the other prized bottom dweller and we catch many types with the broomtail grouper being a favorite of any bottom fishing addict.

Much of the bottom fishing is done with live baits, but we also target some species with dead baits and even chunk baits. The snapper range from cubera and red snapper to rock, mangrove and yellowtail snapper, silky and mutton snapper, spot snapper, mullet snapper and more.

Grouper come in many sizes as well. The goliath grouper is the largest, and we catch big broomtail grouper as well as gag grouper, black and red grouper, calico grouper and others.

Aside from bait fishing, we use different styles of jigs for the snapper and grouper. The action can be fast and the jigging often triggers hard hits from the larger fish.

While fishing the deep water we often come up with other stuff like amberjacks, conger eels and pompano, but on some of the really deep drops, you never know what might eat your bait.

If you are going to spend some time fishing in Costa Rica, you really should get out and try your hand at bottomfishing and put a little dinner on the table while you’re at it.