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Fishing in Costa Rica: A Comprehensive Overview

Large Sailfish: Offshore Fishing

Fishing in Costa Rica: A Paradise for Anglers

Costa Rica, often referred to as the jewel of Central America, is renowned for its pristine landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and world-class fishing opportunities. Its Pacific and Caribbean coasts provide varied and rich fishing grounds for both experienced and novice anglers. This article offers a thorough overview of fishing in Costa Rica, highlighting the seasons and the different fish species you can expect to encounter.

Fishing For Tuna
Fishing For Tuna

Fishing Season

Dry Season

Typically running from December to April, the dry season is one of the best times for fishing, especially on the Pacific coast. The calm seas make for easier navigation, and the clarity of the water improves visibility, helping with spotting and catching fish.


  • Clear skies and calm seas.
  • High visibility helps in spotting schools of fish.
  • Perfect for tourists who wish to combine fishing with other recreational activities.


  • Popular time means more fishing boats in the water, leading to competition.

Raining Season

From May to November, the rains grace Costa Rica. While some may shy away from fishing during this time, the rainy season can offer some unique opportunities.


  • Fewer boats and tourists, making some fishing spots less crowded.
  • Certain fish species are more active and abundant during the rains.


  • Unexpected rains can cut short a fishing trip.
  • Reduced visibility in the water.

Offshore Fishing

Venturing into the deeper waters, offshore fishing in Costa Rica promises a big game and thrilling experience.

Marlin Fishing

Marlin, the prized catch for many anglers, is available throughout the year but peaks between September and December. Both blue and black marlins frequent Costa Rican waters, offering challenging and rewarding fishing experiences.

Sailfish Fishing

The Pacific side, especially areas like Quepos and the Osa Peninsula, sees an influx of sailfish between December and April. Their acrobatic displays and sheer speed make them a favorite among sports fishers.

Wahoo Fishing

While available year-round, Wahoo‘s prime season is during the rains, between May and August. Their lightning-fast runs and aggressive bites are sure to give an adrenaline rush.

Mahi Mahi Fishing

Also known as Dorado, these colorful fish are most abundant between September and November. They’re known for their playful jumps and delicious meat.

Tuna Fishing

Yellowfin tuna is prevalent throughout the year but is especially numerous between June and September. They’re a challenging catch, known for their strength and endurance.

Inshore Fishing

For those who prefer staying closer to the coast, inshore fishing offers its own set of adventures.


One of the most iconic inshore fishes of Costa Rica, roosterfish are known for their unique dorsal fins and powerful fights. They’re available all year but are most plentiful between April and August.

Snapper Fish

With several varieties like red, spotted, and mutton snapper, these fish are a consistent catch throughout the year. They’re loved for their taste and are often a staple in local cuisine.

Mullet Fish

Mullet fish, often found in brackish waters and estuaries, are a popular catch for light tackle enthusiasts. Their prime season is during the early rains between May and July.

Jack Crevalle

These powerful predators are known for their aggressive bites and high-speed chases. While they’re available year-round, the best time to target Jack Crevalle is between January and June.

A Paradise for Anglers

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica has swiftly risen to prominence as a leading global fishing destination. With its rich biodiversity, pristine waters, and well-conserved marine habitats, it’s no wonder that anglers from all corners of the globe flock to its shores. But what makes fishing in Costa Rica so popular, and how have fishing tournaments elevated its status further?

Biodiversity & Abundance

Despite its small size, Costa Rica boasts an impressive 3.5% of the world’s marine biodiversity. This vast array of marine life, coupled with the convergence of major ocean currents in Costa Rican waters, ensures a rich feeding ground for a multitude of fish species. Whether you’re into inshore fishing targeting species like roosterfish and snapper or offshore big game hunting for marlin and sailfish, Costa Rica provides ample opportunities for both.

Two Coasts, Two Experiences

Costa Rica’s unique geography, flanked by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east, offers distinct fishing experiences.

  • Pacific Coast: Characterized by deep blue waters and dramatic underwater landscapes, the Pacific side is renowned for its big game fish, such as marlin, sailfish, and yellowfin tuna. Places like the Gulf of Papagayo, Quepos, and the Osa Peninsula have become synonymous with world-class sportfishing.
  • Caribbean Coast: While it’s a smaller stretch compared to the Pacific side, the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, especially around areas like Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado, is famed for its tarpon and snook fishing.

Fishing Tournaments: A Celebration of Sportfishing

Costa Rica’s reputation as a top fishing destination is further cemented by the plethora of fishing tournaments held throughout the year. These tournaments attract participants from around the world and serve as a testament to the country’s commitment to sustainable and competitive sportfishing.

  1. The Offshore World Championship: Held annually in Quepos, this is one of the most prestigious billfishing tournaments globally. With stringent catch and release practices, it emphasizes conservation while celebrating the sport.
  2. Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown: Hosted in Los Sueños Resort and Marina, this series of three tournaments is a highlight in the calendar of many competitive sportfishing teams. The events see a staggering number of billfish releases and contribute significantly to local community projects.
  3. The Presidential Challenge: Focusing on conservation, this series of tournaments promotes the tag and release method for billfish. Its aim is not just to celebrate fishing but also to raise awareness about preserving marine ecosystems.

Commitment to Conservation

Costa Rica’s commitment to preserving its natural resources is pivotal in its fishing allure. The country has stringent fishing regulations, promotes catch and release, and has numerous marine conservation areas. These measures ensure that marine habitats remain healthy and abundant, guaranteeing that Costa Rica remains a top fishing destination for generations.


Fishing in Costa Rica is not just about the thrill of the catch. It’s a holistic experience that encompasses the joy of being surrounded by untouched nature, the excitement of chasing diverse species, and the satisfaction of participating sustainably and respectfully. The nation’s thriving fishing tournaments amplify its reputation, making Costa Rica a must-visit for every amateur or professional angler.

With its diverse marine life and varied fishing seasons, Costa Rica is an angler’s dream. Whether you’re hunting for the elusive marlin in deep waters or pursuing the feisty roosterfish along the shores, the country promises a fishing adventure like no other. Understand the seasons, know your target, and plunge into the rich waters of Costa Rica for an unparalleled fishing experience.

Note: When planning a fishing trip to Costa Rica, always consider sustainability practices, and adhere to local guidelines and regulations to preserve its marine ecosystems for future generations.