Fishing Cano Negro

Caño Negro Fishing Costa Rica

 It’s one of the great fishing experiences in the world.

Costa Rica tarpon fishing

Spectacular jumpers and fighters, they’re called Silver Kings for good reason.

And Costa Rica tarpon fishing is some of the best anywhere.


Imagine hooking a 200 pounder.

Again and again it leaps from the water, testing all your skill.

It’s an unbelievable sight on the ocean.

But you’re not on the ocean.

You’re in a little boat, miles inland, battling this monster in a 40’ wide river.

Welcome to Cano Negro. Never heard of it? Doesn’t surprise me because it is really remote, virtually on the Nicaraguan border.

I have a map for you. Click on the link below to see where to go for that special Costa Rica fishing experience.

You’ll see the Cano Negro Park towards the top of the map of Costa Rica just below the little northern town of Los Chiles.

a tarpon fish

During the rainy season, its waters seem to almost boil with tarpon, snook, drum, manchaca, tropical gar (some over 100 pounds), and mojarra.

You can get your fishing license from the local ranger station or fishing lodges.

At Cano Negro you’ll also be able to tour the lagoon, go horseback riding, rent kayaks and bikes, and take birding and ecological tours.

The area is absolutely filled with migratory and native birds and other wildlife.

But. . . it’s the big one you’ll be after on your Costa Rica vacation.

How big? Well, tarpon can go to 350 pounds. No kidding.

Compare the size of the tarpon with the woman in the top graphic.

See why they’re called Silver Kings? You could see many over 100 pounds.

The Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica for River Tarpon

August through November are often the best months for tarpon because they’ll be feeding in the shallow lagoons. However, there is good fishing other months as well.

Plan on at least three days.

How to Get There

If you want to drive or take a bus from San Jose or Liberia, go to Los Chiles. Or, if you’re vacationing in the Arenal Volcano area, you’ll find tours leaving from La Fortuna.

You can also take a short flight from San Jose or Liberia.

During the dry season, there’s a dirt road to Cano Negro but during the rainy season, you’ll need a boat from Los Chiles.

Imagine Costa Rica tarpon fishing. Beautiful weather, beautiful country. Big fish.

You don’t have to imagine it.

Just do it!