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January Fishing

Fishing in January in Costa Rica

Every Fishing Enthusiast knows that January is one of the best months to visit Costa Rica. The weather is excellent in most of the country and cold in the north. This is a great month to see some of the fish that anglers love to catch, such as sailfish, yellowfin tuna, and even almighty marlin. In fact, January is the absolute peak of Costa Rica’s sailfish season, so if you are a Sailfish fan there is no better time to go after these gorgeous, acrobatic species than January. This is because by January we are totally out of the rainy season and entering the dry season and this makes the coast waters even more attractive for the kinds of fish you want to catch.

Tuna Fished in January in Costa Rica
Large Tuna: January Fishing in Costa Rica
Marlin Fish
Marlin Fish

Costa Rica has excellent fishing throughout the year and millions of visitors travel to this fishing paradise. But, there is something special about fishing Costa Rica water in January. The weather, changes in temperature in the water, and all the good currents coming in from the south, make January one of the best month for fishing in Costa Rica. You should be seeing a variety of Sailfish, Mai Mai, Tuna, and Marlin. So when planning a fishing trip to Costa Rica, consider January to enjoy some of the best fishing in the world.

January offshore fishing in Costa Rica

In January, offshore fishing is where most of the activity is. The weather means a lot to experienced fishermen, but for all anglers, both experienced and novice, the available catch is the most thrilling part. The climate for fishing is perfect; this means you will have enough opportunities to come face to face with some of the angler’s favorites.

This is one of the best months for offshore fishing in Costa Rica. The water and the air above them are favorable for catches at this time of year. Yellowfin tuna grow strong beneath the waves and are ready to put up a fight if you hook them. They are fun and tasty offshore catch this month. This means you have a solid shot at catching your favorite species during January.

January inshore fishing in Costa Rica

When it comes to inshore, Costa Rica provides superb light-tackle action throughout the year. With two coastlines on two different oceans and five different mountain ranges, the weather and fishing seasons differ from north to south Costa Rica and from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean. The good news is that inshore fishing is so good on both coasts, and we can confidently say that when you visit the country in January, you can enjoy peak season for at least one species anywhere in Costa Rica.

Rooster Fish Sportfishing trip
Snapper Fish
Snapper Fish

Fun fishing activities in Costa Rica during January

The Masters Fishing Tournament: This is a unique fishing tournament that matches anglers against one another while embracing a historic past that dates back to 1963. It was envisioned by John Rybovich and his dock partners to reward anglers for their ability to hook, catch, and release an Atlantic Sailfish, not how well his boat and crew perform. In this tournament, fishermen are rewarded for catching these fish quickly and penalized for pulling hard and breaking the lines. This Tournament is the true test of skill because it only assesses an angler’s skill. This is an annual fishing tournament in Costa Rica held in January.

 Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown: This tournament was first held in 2004.  Almost two decades later, the tournament has become some of the fiercest in the world, attracting teams from the United States, Nicaragua, Brazil, Venezuela, and Russia, as well as anglers from all over the world. 

Best Spots to fish in January

Caribbean Coast: This remote coastline is on the Northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It is home to the largest population of sea turtles in Costa Rica, all four species of sea turtles nest here and the waters abound with fish such as Tarpon and Snook. This is a dream fishing destination for those interested in hooking a 100-pound plus Tarpon.

Gulfo Dulce: This is located just outside of Puerto Jiménez in the southernmost part of the Osa Peninsula. Multiple freshwater rivers and streams drain into the gulf, giving rise to the name Gulfo Dulce, or sweet gulf. This fishing spot is highly protected and has strict fishing regulations. For this reason, fish stocks thrive here, and embarking on fishing in this gulf is always rewarding.

Marina Pez Vela: This fishing spot is also known as the World Capital of Sailfish. The waters here are particularly rich in marine life. Fish like Snapper, Marlin, Dorado, and Roosterfish are also common catches here.

Best Fishing methods

These are some of the best fishing methods that you can practice for the best result when fishing in Costa Rica in January. Different species should be targeted in different fishing spots with different fishing methods and baits.

Popping: This is by far one of the most exciting methods of fishing both inshore and offshore in Costa Rica. Some of the fishing spots are known to be the perfect home for larger fish like Roosterfish, Tuna, Snapper, and Marlin, so poppers give you a better chance of landing some of these species.

Jigging: This is another effective fishing method to tackle these species around. For experienced anglers, this method allows for a real mixed approach, where you often never know your next catch.

Trolling: This method of fishing has to do with pulling a lure behind a boat moving at a slow or moderate speed. In some of these fishing spots, trolling lines are used to catch Marlin, Sailfish, and Tunas.


Costa Rica is the dream destination for world-class sport fishing.  If you want to start your New Year with some great fishing experience, make January fishing in Costa Rica your target to enjoy some of the best fishing experiences in the world. The country provides comfortable access to great inshore adventures and the world’s finest offshore marlin fishing. All it takes is one visit and you will fall in love with this fishing paradise.