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How is fishing in October ?

Fishing in Costa Rica in October

Excellent fishing can be found on Costa Rica’s Pacific and many locals depend on it for their livelihood. Sport fishing and inshore fishing are all available in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has recently begun to capitalize on its enormous tourism. You can see why numbers of people travel there each year thanks to its lush jungles, which are home to unique species, and its golden beaches, which overlook crystal-clear waters. The primary attraction is the fishing scene, where many world records are captured each year. What is the best time to fish in costa Rica?

Fishing Packages Jaco Costa Rica
Fishing Packages Jaco Costa Rica

When to go Fish in Costa Rica: Winter or Summer

Summer: In Costa Rica, the summertime is the dry season, therefore the water is warmer. This then draws in additional life. As a result, baitfish start to thrive and attract larger schools of fish.

Winter: Even though the colder months are coming up fast, Costa Rica’s fishing season is still going strong. Winter will witness an increase in the number of species, Fishing in Winter includes snook and even good, tuna. With an annual average rainfall of 100 inches, winter is referred to as the rainy season. Depending on the species you are hunting, the additional rain opens up more fishing options.

In this article, you will explore Fishing in Costa Rica in October and the forecast there for this month.

October Fishing Forecast in Costa Rica?

Winter has arrived. Additionally, the cloudy months are coming to an end. With about 80% of the sky covered in clouds, it will still be cloudy. Precipitation will slowly decrease throughout this month. The chance of rainy days is quite high when October first begins, but it quickly decreases as the month goes on. Around six inches of rainfall on average per month in October.

Where to Fish in October

The surroundings that exist across Costa Rica as a result of the country’s rising elevations in the mountain areas should be considered while choosing the place within the country where you will be fishing. However, not all of the popular fishing places down here have an abundance of fish. Certain species can be found in great abundance in certain places and completely missing in others.

In this article, you will explore Fishing in the month of October in Costa Rica. What can you expect in terms of fishing this month? Where may fishermen find plenty of fish and where should they stay away from? Find out by reading on.

  1.  North Pacific region

You may travel to the North Pacific region of Costa Rica and explore places like Coco, Tamarindo, and Nosara. Every type of fish is available in this area of the island during the summer. dorado and blue marlin are a few examples. By October, though, things have significantly slowed down, and the outlook is, at most, fair. This is because activities offshore slow down when the weather gets better. The only fish that lives here the entire year is the snapper.

  • Central Pacific region

The Central Pacific region of Costa Rica has lots of fish to catch, however not as many as the northern region, depending on the time of year. Only a few snapper and roosterfish can be found in October, and even then, your chances of catching a substantial catch aren’t excellent since December and January are the busiest fishing months in this region. Similar situations exist in Lake Arenal, which is fishless in October.

los suenos: Central Pacific Costa Rica
  • South Pacific region

Similar to how December and January are the finest months for fishing in Costa Rica‘s Central Pacific region, the same is true for the South Pacific. Unexpectedly, though, October is essentially a fishing wasteland, with the fishing forecast for the upcoming month particularly looking bad.

4.   Most Famous Places

If you want to go to Golfi to the Osa Peninsula soon, wait until next month; that’s when the fish start coming back in great numbers. However, other areas of Costa Rica, such as Tortuguero on the North Caribbean coast, are fantastic locations to go fishing in October if all you’re looking is tarpon, snook, and tuna. However, October is often much quieter than the summer and winter seasons.

Best Fish to Catch in October:

The weather that October brings to this region doesn’t always provide for ideal fishing, but because this region is so abundant, we always find lots of fish to capture. What to expect inshore and offshore in October is listed below.

  1. Inshore Catches for Anglers

It entails fishing in waters that can be several inches to 15-20 feet deep, within a mile or two of the shore. Remember that everything around you is saltwater. The variety of inshore fish species keeps anglers coming back for more day after day even though they aren’t as large or showy as the marlin or tunas of the deep blue. You’ll have a lot of options, from bottom fish to dangerous fighters that will keep you on your toes. Some of our favorite selections for inshore fishing are listed below:

  • Roosterfishes: Ever wished you could catch a Roosterfish? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. Costa Rica is one of the top spots in the world to go for catches. The number of roosterfishes isn’t exactly at its best in October, but it’s close enough that they are a common sight inshore at this time of year. These dangerous inshore predators prefer to gather in rocky, deep waters.
  • Cubera Snapper: You’ll understand the meaning of the term snapper once you see the size of this inshore monster’s teeth. This month wahoo and jacks are also not to be missed. Their numbers are growing as they all approach their peak seasons. You might also come across some tilefish and rosefish close to the inshore reef, which is great to eat and great for a fun.
  • Offshore Catches

In October, offshore fishing in this region is a lot of fun. Even while this may not be the ideal time of year for fishing, what is available there provides an incredible experience. The offshore catches are listed below:

  • Yellowfin: Hard-fighting yellowfin eats the bait when nothing else appears to be biting. The best months to catch this prized fish are likely June through October, while it may be done all year long. Even better, yellowfin offers a good chance for a nearshore catch.
Tuna Fishing in October
Tuna Fishing in October

Advice: Yellowfin is definitely nearby if you notice a group of dolphins being peppered by diving birds. These magnificent specimens typically reach their optimum weight of 400 pounds by January. However, anglers can take advantage of the growing number of yellowfin tuna in October and capture them for around half that weight. Usually, we’ll watch for porpoises to get a sense of where to find some excellent yellowfin tuna.

  • Sailfish: Offshore waters are good all year for catching sailfish. September is a slower month for sailfish catches, while late October through November is the slowest.
  • Both Offshore and Inshore Catch

Mahi Mahi: On the Pacific Coast in October, Mahi Mahi is commonly seen offshore as well as inshore. In fact, Mahi Mahi season is about to reach its apex, which is excellent news for anglers looking for a thrilling catch that will make for a fantastic meal.

October: Good Fishing Month

The Pacific Coast’s inshore fishing is consistently excellent and not nearly as seasonal as offshore fishing. The rains in October can totally blow out many rivers, making it the slowest month for inshore fishing. However, these can also bring a lot of fish with them, so there is almost always some action while fishing inshore. It doesn’t matter that this isn’t the best month of the year to go fishing because it’s still one of the top spots in the world to do so. There is still plenty of fish that are delicious to eat.

Need to Know:

  1. License: A fishing license is required in order to fish in any place in Costa Rica.
  2. Bring your Own Stuff: The stuff you need for fishing is provided by charters, although in some locations you can bring your own stuff and fish independently.
  3. Contact Tour Guide: For your tour, consider contacting a local fishing specialist. Instead of just offering a boat or sailing trip, the finest tours may be more expensive but are more likely to invest in your actual fishing experience.


It should be noted that this Costa Rica fishing calendar is only a general suggestion based on previous weather and fishing trends. The good news is that no matter if you do Fishing in Costa Rica in October or any other month, there is always something to catch! This is because every year is different due to ocean currents and water temperatures.

On a vacation to Costa Rica, you will have access to some of the most numerous fishing chances in the world. Hope that this article has aided in your preparation for your ideal fishing trip to Costa Rica if you weren’t quite ready to get out on the water.