Fishing in December in Costa Rica

Anyone who wants to catch some nice fish needs to pay attention: You should travel to Costa Rica in December for a little fishing trip. That’s because December is one of Costa Rica’s best fishing months.

This time of year, the outstanding fishing along the Central Pacific Coast will continue in December. The weather is responding as we predict, and the fish will, too. This month should bring some extremely exciting charters with huge catches, and it’s not too late to reserve your spot.

SailiFish: Fishing in December
SailiFish: Fishing in December
Yellowfin Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna

Continue reading about unique places and creatures by fishing in December in Costa Rica.

Warm Water Make Fishing Better

Warmer weather begins in December along Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast. That means the location is suitable for massive schools of tiny fish. But those aren’t the fish you want to catch; instead, you should go after the vast quantities of pelagic fish that gather there between December and April to eat the little swimmers.

If you’re fishing in the area of Los Suenos in December, you can have some fatty, happy, and tasty catches on your line because the water is warm and there is a lot to eat.

The Dry Season Is Here: December Forecast

The Central Pacific has favorable winds for fishing in December. The start of the dry season is expected in the middle of December. This implies that the unpredictable weather of the wet Green Season will disappear and be replaced by more consistent temperatures, which will, in turn, attract more predictable fishing.

Anyone who has fished in Costa Rica during the dry season will recognize that this is the start of an excellent period for spotting sportfish off the Central Pacific Coast. Don’t forget that there is plenty of fish to catch all year round, but this marks the start of a unique one.

Winds take Swimmers to the Central Pacific Coast.

You can learn much about shore fishing conditions from the wind in December. This is because the seasonal winds begin to blow a little more strongly in the north, which frequently carries the bites south to regions off of Los Suenos and even farther south.

Must-visit Spots in Costa Rica: This December 

Fish are fairly common in Costa Rica’s freshwater and saltwater aquatic habitats. Because of this, anglers of all skill sets from around the world are drawn to Costa Rica by the chance of good fishing. The best places to go fishing in Costa Rica are listed here.

Dorado, Mahi Mahi
Dorado Fish
  1. Los Sueños Marina

Los Suenos Marina in Jaco has long been associated with sport fishing in Costa Rica. It has 200 wet slips, 116 dry slips, a line of great fishing boats, and is the country’s first marina to receive government approval. While there is excellent fishing in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific throughout the year, the best days for catch-and-release fishing of blue marlinsailfish, and roosterfish are December through March.

Due to its location on the Osa Peninsula and abundant marine life, Quepos is known as the “Sailfish Capital of the World.” In this area, it’s also common to capture roosterfish, dorado, marlin, and snapper. 2014 saw the Offshore World Championship take place in Marina Pez Vela. Due to Quepos’ closeness to the Manuel Antonio National Park, combining a rainforest trip with a day of fishing makes for an excellent tour.

Multiple freshwater rivers and streams drain into the bay, giving rise to Gulfo Dulce, or sweet gulf. There are strong fishing laws in this area, which have been supposed to be protected. Because of this, the fish populations are growing here, making it usually profitable to go on a fishing trip. In this secluded and breathtakingly beautiful region of Costa Rica, the Crocodile Bay Sport Fishing Resort is a well-known eco-resort that excels in fishing. Among the most wanted catches in Gulfo Dulce are cubera, amberjack, grouper, and trevally.

The Gulf of Papagayo lies high in Costa Rica’s northwest. The Papagayo trade winds may be powerful from December through March, adversely affecting fishing up here. However, as June arrives, the waters begin to come to life. It’s best to fish up here from June through October. The gulf is home to some of the largest roosterfish and marlin, tuna, and dorado. The Marina Papagayo, Costa Rica’s newest marina, was constructed with the environment as a priority.

One of the top deep-sea fishing locations in Guanacaste is Tamarindo. Although you can fish here all year long, the species of fish you will catch will vary from month to month. If you’re staying there in December and want to go fishing, the Tamarindo Charter Company is the best charter company to go on a full or half-day trip.

Fishing in December: Fish to Find

Anyone who has gone sportfishing in Costa Rica can witness that the change from late November into the dry season can result in a remarkably abundant catch. In this article, we’ll discuss some fish you can find in Los Suenos in December.

What types of fish are you going to be catching this month? Now for the exciting part. In December, you may see a bit of everything, but these are the ones that will genuinely pick up this December.


Fishing occurs within water less than or equal to 30 meters deep and is called inshore fishing. Although the December weather isn’t always ideal for fishing, the region’s abundance ensures that we can always find plenty of fish to catch. The following is a list of what to expect inshore fishing in December in Costa Rica.

Even though peak snapper season is over, there is still plenty of fish at Los Suenos to be caught. You can locate them all in shallower waters closer to shore and on the Pacific Ocean’s bottom because they are diverse fish. Try to keep an eye out for the Cubera, the giant snapper species found anywhere; these fish frequently weigh over 100 lbs., making them a worthy catch for a big feast.

Roosterfish season will continue to ramp up throughout this month. It’s another inshore fish you can catch in Costa Rica, similar to snapper. Search for them in depths on the sandy sea bottom and in the waves. They can be a reasonably aggressive catch, so take caution.

Offshore fishing, sometimes known as “deep sea” fishing, involves activities at depths greater than thirty meters. Offshore fishing is really fun this time of year in Costa Rica. That’s because sailfish season begins this month. Fishing enthusiasts worldwide travel to the Central Pacific Coast around this time every year to haul in some incredible sailfish catches.

Sailfish season starts in December, and its abundance peaks in late February. Despite being more accessible to capture than marlin, sailfish are stunning. With the Los Suenos Classic Billfish Series Championships, sailfish have made Los Suenos recognizable in the sportfishing industry. These competitions bring anglers from all over the world to Los Suenos every year.

The yellowfin tuna season, which gets underway in January and swiftly fills the waters around Los Suenos, is just one month away. However, similar to Mahi Mahi, you might be able to catch a few at the month’s end, just as things begin to heat up. These fish come in a wide range of sizes, from a foot to an enormous 300 lbs. Any yellowfin you find in December will probably be quite small because the larger ones are only truly found in late April.

Fishing This Month: Shaping Up Finely

We would bet everything if we had to invest in fishing in Costa Rica in December. The fact that this Costa Rica fishing calendar is based on past weather and fishing patterns should be noticed. The good news is that there is always plenty to catch, whether you go fishing in Costa Rica in December or any other month! This is due to the ocean currents and water temperatures varying from year to year.


All indications predict a great month. Even though this month has a reputation for being excellent for fishing, we expect a slight boost from the climate and a lot more activity on the water because more anglers feel confident traveling after the pandemic.

If you’re not ready to head out on the water, this article may have helped you prepare for your ideal fishing trip to Costa Rica. Prepare to go fishing in Costa Rica in December with your friends and family and enjoy exploring the locations and spectacular marine life highlighted in this article. It’s not too late if you want to participate in this. You still have it.