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Marlin Sport fishing costa Rica
Marlin Sport fishing Costa Rica

Plan your marlin fishing in Costa Rica

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Los suenos fishing marlin
Los Suenos fishing marlin

Expert Advice on When and Where to Catch Marlin in Costa Rica!

We all know that fishing is an art, but it can turn into a science when you learn about Marlin. This fish has been described as the most challenging sport fish to catch in the world. Getting two days of consecutive bites may seem easy for some. But seeing a Marlin on the fly is more complicated than you think it will be.

The adage “practice makes perfect” definitely applies here. It’s not just about being good enough to hook into one. Learning how they hit and get off often separates the men from the boys when it comes to Marlin fishing.

Marlin Fishing adventure in Costa Rica
Marlin Fishing adventure in Costa Rica

After reading this, you’ll be a pro at catching Marlin in Costa Rica!

I decided to list the good, bad, and ugly things we encountered when chasing Marlin.

1. If you do not have the proper equipment, you will not catch fish.

I know this may seem elementary, but after having 20-knot winds (and up), it seemed like we would be fishing in a washing machine. Having the right equipment is one of the significant factors when it comes to catching fish. Nearly every time we called it off, we didn’t have all the running gear we needed. We were not appropriately outfitted, and you can tell by how many times we spooked fish.

2. Marlins don’t eat while they are up chasing their prey.

It’s not like we came home with nothing. But our numbers were significantly reduced by blue water chasing and being unable to hook into these majestic creatures on the fly. We had fantastic opportunities to cast into a school of feeding tuna and the marlin. It seems common sense that they wouldn’t eat when chasing all day. Some friends told me it was a given that they eat during this time. S0, it caught me off guard.

3. Marlin can swim straight up.

This was one of my favorite parts about catching these fish on the fly. We would cast out our fly and watch it drift to the halfway point. Then all of a sudden, bam! The ocean’s best fighter would shoot straight up in an attempt to eat our fly. If you are not prepared for this, you will get off balance.

The fight of a Marlin can range from 10 minutes to over 2 hours based on the size of the fish and how lucky you are with runs. It is not unusual to get runs lasting up to 90 seconds. On the first day, a fish jumped entirely out of the water during its first run. It was an exciting site to see. You should treat it if you are lucky enough to hook into one. Do your best not to tire the fish out too quickly, where he has no choice but to throw the hook or become boat shy.

4. Marlin on a fly does eat other things besides Tuna and mackerel.

It seems like all of the pictures you see of Marlin are either eating a tuna or a mackerel, don’t let this fool you! On our first day, we hooked into one with only the head and bones of a small Bonito in his stomach. Seeing him eat the fly was amazing, and we thought we had solved the riddle of what they like to eat. With all of our beginner’s luck, we discovered that they would take nearly any bait fish you put in front of them.

What is the best Time of Year for Marlin Fishing? Let’s Find Out.

So, the most common questions are, “When is the best time of year for marlin fishing?” and “What do you recommend?”. For years I’ve said it doesn’t matter. But, after spending so much time on the water in different seasons, I’ve realized there IS a better time to fish for them.

I will start this by saying it is all based on personal experience and preference. I prefer fall, but you may like fishing for them year-round. To keep things simple, we’ll break each season down into three categories: Good, Bad, and Might As Well Not Bother.

Good = A month where the majority of your trips will be successful.

Bad = A month where most of your trips will result in you struggling to get a fish or two on the boat (if any).

Might As Well Not Bother = May through September. That’s six months out of 12. It might not be ALL bad, but it isn’t good.

Get More Fish, Feel Better and Enjoy the View

When you hook into one of these fish on the fly, you will be in for an unbelievable experience. They can jump 4-10 feet out of the water at any given moment, so timing your cast right becomes a total guessing game. If they get low enough to the water, you can expect an up-and-down fight like no other. It is also tricky with 20-knot winds blowing you all over the place.

Once you get them close enough for a good cast, it’s time to settle down and make your best presentation possible because of one false move. I found myself completely exhausted after only a couple of runs. Because the fish would run so far and fast that you can’t get them in range until they burn off some steam. I don’t know if it’s because we caught such big ones. But this was our least favorite part about catching these incredible fish.

Final Words

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