Costa Rica Fly Adventure fishing

Costa Rica Fishing Experts is what they call the “experts in fly fishing in Costa Rica“. We pride ourselves in using only the top of the line equipment and boats. All our flies are tied here in Costa Rica!

Deep-Sea Fishing in Costa Rica:

Marlin, Sailfish, Golden, Tuna, Wahoo, Tarpon

Costa Rica is known for an incredible experience when it comes to the opportunity for fly fisherman to get.

mojarra fly fishingChasing Billfish offshore with a fly rod has to be one of the most exciting experiences any fisherman could find. Imagine a 100+ pound sailfish or even a 300-400+ Blue Marlin light like neon lights and in the aft mirror like a backyard bulldog with nothing to eat for a week or two. Sailfish are caught 6-15 times on a normal day and twice that on a good day. Very often they enter teasers in pairs or more.

I have often seen 4-6-8 or more immediately behind the boat in the casting range. One day, in particular, we witnessed 90+ sailfish around the boat. Many times we had all the rods flown hooked, we were fighting once 3 and we had 2 more jumpings, biting into the teasers off of the outriggers as they slapped the water on the side of the boat; We managed to land 2 that day on all the fly rods.

Sailfish are much easier to hook then Marlin as they are also much more stupid than a Marlin. Sailfish are much more abundant then Marlin and usually come to the teaser in numbers. You can get 2 or 3 shots on a sailfish compared to one with the Marlin in Costa Rica.

Blue Marlin averages between 3-5 hundred pounds and I’ve seen up to 8 to 9 hundred pounds. Black Marlin will run 400-1000 pounds. You can see a few marlins every day fishing in Costa Rica. Fishing with Bobby McGuiness a few years ago we raised 17 Blue Marlin to the boat and on a 4-day trip, we landed 9 of them in conventional equipment.

In addition to Billfish offshore Fishing, we very often catch Dorado and Tuna with our fly rods. We have landed many Dorado over 50 pounds with fly rods and up to 12 under a single sheet of plywood without putting the engine back in gear.

The tuna is another great fish to throw flies to. You can come along a school of tuna for 5-20 pounds and just watch them go crazy for their flies. I have awesome little tube flies they love to chase. I have seen many times where we will land 20+ tuna in a few minutes on our fly rods.

Fly Fishing in Costa Rica

Roosterfish, snapper, tuna, yellowtail, horse-eye Trevally, Mackeral, Snook, Wahoo

Roosterfish are most likely going to be their main target, but when chasing Roosterfish with the fly anything can appear. When you see a roosterfish attack a fly on the surface is one of the biggest rewards of a fly fisherman, they illuminate all different colors, his long comb on the top rises and not the cube-like mouth enters a Furious attack mode, with his fly.

Fly Fishing – Caribbean


You will be fishing in Costa Rica with the famous captain Eddy Brown as he grew up on the Rio Colorado River and has spent more than 40 years chasing and building clients for Tarpon and Snook. I do not think anyone can understand them better than Eddy. While fishing Tarpon here in Costa Rica we used a fairly large type fly from the tube.

On our last trip in November, it was not a matter of trying to get bites, but it was a matter of landing them. Many times we had 2-3 at a time, even had a take our fly by the boat. We managed to deliver 26 in one day.

Equipment and flies

I would very much enjoy travel accommodation for you and your family, fishing buddies, or ever. I love to see the look on someone’s face the first time in the attack of magnificent fish there fly on the surface.

If you choose to bring your own, that’s great. But bring the best you can find as I have seen many customers go home only with remaining pieces. The flies should be in size 4-13 “, I recommend the tube flies and a lot of sharp hooks. I have a very good deal of flies here as all my flies for Costa Rica are tied up here in Costa Rica. The coastal fishing and a 10-12 wt for the Dorado, tuna. For the sails a 12-13 wt is large and of course for Marlin a large pistol – 14-16 wt Rod is highly recommended 3-400 yds of Back in all These and a good supply of 40.60, 80 pounds tippet material.