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Costa Rica fishing vacations

    Costa Rica fishing vacations – Catch the big one!

    Fishing on your local river can be a great hobby. But Costa Rica fishing vacations are a great way to see the world and get a little more expertise in your favorite past time.

    Costa Rica offers some of the world’s best off-shore fishing, with marlin and sailfish swimming just off both coasts. You won’t be catching fish like that at your local fishin’ spot.

    sail fishing Vacation in Costa Rica
    sail fishing Vacation in Costa Rica
    It doesn’t get much more exciting than sailfish dancing.

    Fishing the rivers is also something to try, as it will give you the unique experience of fishing in the middle of a rainforest.

    You can also sign up for bottom fishing trips; while you might not capture the biggest fish in the sea, you’re more likely to come home with the experience of catching something.

    Where and where to go

    Researching and planning Costa Rica fishing vacations for success is more than just turning up and expecting to catch an enormous sailfish. Different fish prefer different locations around both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica Fishing Vacations
    Costa Rica Fishing Vacations
    Trolling for sailfish. Saved you a seat.

    You’ll also need to take into consideration the time of year to give yourself the best chance of landing the big one. Some of the best locations are:

    • Tamarindo: The North Pacific coast benefits from large tracts of the open sea and the ports of Tamarindo and Flamingo have some of the largest ocean-going fishing craft in the country. The winter months are the best time to catch marlins, though they are caught year-round. Sailfish are also in abundance on the north coast and tend to be around from May to August in their biggest numbers. You can also expect to catch tuna, dorado, and roosterfish on Costa Rica fishing vacations.
    • Golfito: Still on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Golfito lies on the Golfo Dulce, and together with Puerto Jimenez on the other side of the gulf you can find some great sea fishing experiences that are tampered by the tranquility of the bay. This is the best place to try and catch a 30-pound roosterfish as they prefer the calmer waters and they can be caught at pretty much year-round. The area also attracts snooks, with the biggest ones appearing briefly from March to May and six months later in September.
    • Tortuguero: Fishing on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica can be tough as the weather is unpredictable and the coastline is not as favorable as the Pacific coast. However, if you go outside of January to May to the port of Tortuguero, you’re in with a chance of landing a 150-pound tarpon, which prefers the flatter waters that normally come with the calmer weather in October and November. The rare Atlantic sail can be caught from here if you’re extremely lucky. The only downside to this more challenging area is that there are no real roads going into the port, so you’ll need to fly in and out of the region.

    Go it alone or with a group

    When you travel to Costa Rica, you’ll find that sea fishing is taken very seriously, and there are dozens of tour operators organizing Costa Rica fishing vacations from both coasts.

    Capatain Tony Boat
    Costa Rica Fishing Vacation Charter
    Fishing tour guide in Costa Rica.

    The choice of whether to join one of these groups will depend on your confidence in your own ability to manage a boat and fish at the same time, as well as your budget. It will be a lot cheaper to go with a group as you’ll split the cost of the boat between you.

    Costa Rica fishing vacations shouldn’t be all about the fish, as you’ll miss out on the amazing beaches and beautiful rainforests that Costa Rica has to offer. Try to allow some days for rest and relaxation days to give yourself a flavor of what else the country has to offer.