Costa Rica Fishing adventures

Here’s a riddle: What do a Costa Rica fishing story and George Washington have in common?

They cannot tell a lie.

Swimming at 68 miles an hour, it can be 16 feet long and weigh 1500 pounds–and its cousin is that little trout you ate at the restaurant.

I tell you, true.

Marlins are closely related to freshwater trout.

Just a teeny bit faster, a mite longer, and a smidge heavier.

But more fun to catch.

marlin Fishing

“Fun” is a relative term for Costa Rica marlin fishing. On one of my fishing trips, a 300-pounder dragged the boat some five miles over 3 hours before being brought alongside. Four grown men took turns trying to bring it close enough so one of us could “catch” it by touching it before release. The truth is, our arms ached! Fun, I guess.

There are lots of wonderful places to fish on your Costa Rica vacation.

And lots of fish stories.

True stories.

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you all about fishing in Costa Rica.

You’ll never believe how many saltwater sportfish there are in Costa Rica! Click here
Costa Rica Fishing World Records
Though tiny, fishing is often so good that Costa Rica holds more than 80 world records. Click to see Costa Rica’s world record fish.

Costa Rica Ocean Kayak Fishing

costa rica Fishing roosterfish

Big boats probably spring to mind when you think of Costa Rica fishing.

Ah. There’s an alternative—kayak fishing.

You’ll have to provide the power, but the fish provide the action.

Sometimes big fish.

When you travel to Costa Rica, kayak fishing can be great fun, and sometimes you’ll even get the big one.

Tarpon Fishing on the World-Famous North Caribbean Coast

If you’re a serious fisherman, you already know that the north Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is world-famous for tarpon.

Huge fish. 100 pounds. 200 pounds. Maybe more.

Lots of them. Year-round.

It’s remote. That’s a fact.

And its fishing is out-of-this-world.

That’s a fact, too.

Fish at one of Costa Rica’s Seven Wonders for Tortuguero Tarpon.
Hook a 200 Pounder in a Little River? You’re Kidding.
Nope. No joke.

Deep in the heart of Costa Rica, just south of the Nicaragua border, lies one of the most important wetlands in the world.

It’s called the Cano Negro, and it’s teeming with spectacular birds and other wildlife, including

Monkeys, sloths, anteaters, jungle cats

Tropical gar up to 300 pounds

Waters roiling with snook and incredible tarpon fishing

Lots of fish

Few fishermen.

This is the tarpon fishing Pura Vida style.

Be sure to bring your partner on your Costa Rica trip. Remember. . .

Toucan have more fun than one! Cano Negro, click.
The SECRET Hotspot for Costa Rica Tarpon
Six hundred years ago, Christopher Columbus discovered Costa Rica and landed at a hot spot for tarpon and snook fishing.

A Costa Rica fishing spot that remained secret until just a few years ago.

And it’s virtually unknown.

Except for me.

And now. . . to you.

I’ll give you a hint for your Costa Rica vacation fishing trip.

It’s in the Costa Rica Caribbean, nearly on the Panama border.


Paradise. It’s called Manzanillo.

Catch A Costa Rica Fishing Grand Slam
Your Costa Rica vacation has five kinds of billfish waiting for you. Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish, and even Swordfish.

Catch three in a day, and you’ll have a Costa Rica Slam. Just one more, and you’ll have a Grand Slam.

But to catch the Grand Slam when traveling to Costa Rica, you need to know where to go. Marlin fishing and more, click

Have A Whopper of a Fishing Story?

Do you have a great story about tarpon fishing or the 50 snooks you caught, or, for that matter, any good Costa Rica fishing adventure? Share it!