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Quepos Fishing Charters

Sportfishing Charters in Quepos Costa Rica

Are you ready to enjoy the best fishing experience of your lifetime? Fishing in Quepos is thrilling, challenging, and exciting. Here at Quepos Fishing Charters, we have packages to suit all people, whether you are a novice or experienced angler, and all budgets. Our excursions are going to take you to the best Quepos fishing spots, both inshore and offshore, so you can make the most of what this beautiful location has to offer. With everything from Roosterfish and Red Snapper, to Marlin and Dorado, you can be sure of a fascinating and fun day.

Quepos 35ft Charter

Sport Fishing Boat in Quepos



Quepos Fishing Charter

Fishing Charter in Quepos



31FT Quepos Charter

Fishing Charter in Quepos Costa Rica



Quepo Fishing Charter 30f

Fishing Charter in Quepos



Quepo Fishing Charter 24FT

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The Fishing Adventure

There are so many different species to test your wits against whilst fishing in Quepos. Not only does this mean that fishing can be enjoyed all year round, but it also means that there is always a new challenge to take pleasure in. Marlin is a popular fish out here, with three different types, Blue, Black, and Striped. If you want a tough fight, this is a great species to try and hook, weighing anything from 200 lbs. to as big as 800 lbs.! There is also Dorado and Roosterfish, both of which provide a difficult challenge. Experienced anglers often go straight for the Roosterfish. This fish is massive in length, reaching up to 6 ft.! You then have Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna. The latter of which can be very deceiving. Don’t let the size of this fish deceive you. They may be small but they are strong as well.

If you are an inexperienced angler or have never been fishing before, you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed, but there really is no need. Our team is extremely experienced. We know the Quepos fishing waters like the back of our hand. We will help you every step of the way. Perhaps we will start you off with Sailfish? This is a popular fish in Quepos. It is not as difficult to catch as the other fish that have been mentioned. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of fun to be had. Once you hook a Sailfish they put on an incredible display, which is fascinating to watch.

Quepos Fishing

We are extremely passionate about fishing here at Quepos Fishing Charters. We know that Quepos is one of the best fishing locations in the world and we want you to experience what it is all about. This is why our packages are diverse and designed to give you the full taste of fishing in Quepos. Let’s not forget, not only will the fish be the highlight, but also you are going to have the sun shining down, and the beautiful backdrop of the enchanting rainforest and the golden sands. It truly is an out-of-this-world experience.

Quepos Sportfishing

Quepos is among the world’s top destinations for sportfishing. If you believe the surrounding beauty of the Manuel Antonio National Park and the offshore islands are overwhelming, just imagine how you will feel catching a giant blue marlin! Quepos sportfishing prices are quite reasonable, and depend on how many people are in your group, where you go, the quality and size of the sportfishing boat, the equipment, the expertise of the crew, and the season. Quepos fishing captains usually consider a half-day of fishing to be about 4 hours on the water, and a full day of fishing is about 8 hours on the water.

Fishing Trip in Quepos Costa Rica
Fishing Trip in Quepos Costa Rica

On the morning of a typical trip, the captain will send a driver to your hotel or local breakfast eatery to pick you up and take you to the Quepos main pier. All of the captains in the Quepos fleet provide food and beverages onboard, so you only need a few personal items like sunglasses, sunscreen, and your lucky fishing hat. After being whisked to your boat aboard a dinghy, your captain will take you offshore for marlin and sailfish, or inshore for roosterfish, dorado and snook. Whichever trip you choose, Estrella Tour works with the highest quality operators in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area to ensure an exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime experience for the best possible value.

Quepos Sportfishing Seasons

Sailfish – year-round.
From November to May the numbers increase and days of 12 fish or more are common.

Marlin, Blue Marlin is the most common of the Marlins. the peak in November and December as well as March and April. Black Marlin is most abundant in July and August and a few Striped Marlin is around at the same time.

January through may and very abundant November and December.

Yellowfin range in size from football size to 300 pounds peak in schools in July and August and November and December.

Not abundant, but an occasional Wahoo may be taken at any time. It can be caught between May and October while trolling for sailfish.

This region has big roosters and they can be caught virtually any month of the year. Some weigh nearly 100 pounds but they average 30 pounds.

Almost all year round.

Almost all year round, but best from May through August and January through March