Tamarindo Fishing Charters

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Tamarindo SportFishing

Tamarindo Fishing Charters

Dive into the heart of the ocean with Tamarindo Fishing

Tamarindo, Costa Rica, fishing is the number one tourist activity for travelers visiting northwestern Costa Rica. The Tamarindo region lies along the beautiful Pacific Ocean, with plentiful deep-water fishing grounds just off the coast of Tamarindo. Sportfishing in Tamarindo means fishing in waters rich in natural marine resources, such as all the billfish species, dorado, and many tuna species.

When not fishing the deep waters where the pelagic species run, you can move to Tamarindo’s shallower waters and cash in on the plentiful bottom-fishing species. Bottom fishing in Tamarindo means you have a high chance of hooking into a colorful roosterfish or a giant cubera snapper.

Tamarindo Fishing Charters

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Sailfish Catch in Tamarindo

Tamarindo Deep Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing in Tamarindo means exactly that. Tamarindo deep sea fishing means you will likely be fishing in 1200-2000 fathoms of water. This is where the term pelagic fishing originates in that the fish in these waters are always on the move throughout the deepwater column down to around 500 fathoms in search of prey.

Big blue marlinsailfish, dorado, wahoo, tuna, and other offshore or deep-sea species are readily available while fishing in Tamarindo. To fish, these deep waters mean a run to the continental shelf, which is about a 45-minute run offshore of Tamarindo. Although Tamarindo deep sea fishing and fishing in these deep blue waters sound exciting, anglers do not always need to run 45 minutes offshore to catch large billfish. Giant blue marlin, tuna, and all the so-called “offshore species” can many times be caught just a few miles off the beach. That is one of the many reasons Tamarindo fishing is so great: because of the abundant big game fishing inshore and offshore.

Yellow Fin Tuna
32ft Charter in Tamarindo
Tamarindo Sportfishing

Tamarindo Sport Fishing

The northwest corner of Costa Rica is best known for the top sportfishing in Tamarindo. This part of Costa Rica attracts a special breed of angler. Anglers venture to this part of the world because of stories of 1000-pound and up blue marlin. Stories and tales of 12-hour-long fights with monster fish that would rather die during the fight than be brought to the boat. It is usually the angler looking for that blood-pumping adrenaline rush that they get when they land a trophy billfish that comes for Tamarindo sport fishing. The good news about Tamarindo sport fishing is that you don’t have to be a seasoned or experienced angler to participate.

A Tamarindo charter captain and crew are here to help with tips and techniques to help even the most inexperienced angler. So even though catching a big marlin or giant tuna sounds like something only a pro angler could do, it’s not. Tamarindo sportfishing is the perfect activity for anybody: a few buddies, a couple of honeymooners, or even the entire family. Just remember your Costa Rica fishing Captain will help you with everything you need so you will feel right at home on the fishing boat.

Sportfishing Seasons

When to fish in the area!

mahi mahi

Dorado - Mahi

The vibrant Mahi Mahi comes alive from May to October, peaking in the warmer waters. These months promise not just a catch but a spectacle of acrobatics and color

Wahoo Fish Quepos


 Fast and elusive, Wahoos are best pursued from late May through August. Their speed is unmatched, offering an exhilarating challenge for every angler.

Fishing For Tuna


April to August are the prime months for Yellowfin Tuna, when these powerful beasts venture closer to the surface, ready for the fight.

Fishing in June in Costa Rica: Los Suenos Roosterfish


A year-round resident with peaks from April to August and November to March, Roosterfish are the inshore trophies of Tamarindo, known for their distinctive dorsal fins and fierce fights.

costa rica fishing for sail fish


January to May marks the peak season for Sailfish when the ocean becomes a stage for these majestic creatures. It’s a dance of sails and sun, a test of skill and patience.

marlin Fishing


The best months to chase the elusive Marlin are from June to October. These are the giants of the sea, offering a battle of strength and will that’s unmatched.

Sea Fishing: Red Sananper Fish


For those targeting Snapper, including the coveted Red Snapper, the months of June to September offer the best odds. These bottom dwellers promise a delicious reward for your efforts.

Snook Caught


Target Snook from May to September when the inshore waters warm up, attracting these elusive fighters to Tamarindo’s estuaries and river mouths. Known for their powerful runs and agility, Snook fishing is a thrilling experience that combines skill, timing, and a bit of luck.

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