Central Pacific Fishing

Central Pacific Fishing Costa Rica

Costa Rica fishing Central Pacific Jaco beach proposes to you the best sail fishing in Costa Rica,  The Central Pacific zone is renowned for their Sailfish and Marlin fishery, which include the Pacific Sailfish, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, and Striped Marlin. In addition, Costa Rica offers an abundance of Dorado, Wahoo, and Yellow Fin Tuna up to 250 pounds.

Central Pacific Fishing Costa Rica

Sportfishing charter boats are located in the Los Suenos Marina, and Herradura bay which is part of the beautiful Los Suenos Resort & Marina that includes the Marriott hotel. The Resort is located in the Central Pacific town of Herradura bay (near Jaco beach) which is 1 ½ hour from the Juan Santamaria San Jose Airport.

The owners and operators of Costa Rica Fishing Experts also live in the area and are able to ensure a great experience from greeting you dockside on your arrival, to your bittersweet departure at the end of a successful day of sport fishing on the Central Pacific of Costa Rica.

It is our goal and commitment to ensure that both the experienced anglers and first-time fisherman have the experience to remember for a lifetime.

Wahoo Fishing Trips Costa Rica
Wahoo Fishing

About Fishing Marlin in Central Pacific Costa Rica

Marlin is one of the most prized and sought after game fish in the world. Costa Rica is fortunate enough to have three different types of Marlin roaming its Pacific coast. One unique thing about Costa Rica is that Marlin can be taken any month of the year.

Pacific Blue Marlin: the most frequent of the Marlins taken here, three to five hundred pounders are frequently landed. Costa Rica has yet to see a grander, although A lot of fish over 900 lbs have been taken and fish over 1000 lbs have been hooked and lost.

Black Marlin: also taken in the same waters. Many fish over 700 lbs. have been recorded and it has been reported that much larger fish have been hooked up.

Striped Marlin: the fish that those lucky enough to have taken grand slams in this country are looking for. These brilliant fighters average around 150 to 200 lbs

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Marlin Fish

About fishing Sailfish in Central Pacific Costa Rica

Perhaps the most acrobatic of all blue water fish, the sailfish has engraved Costa Rica on every international angler wish list. There’s no wonder why some of the world’s most esteemed billfish tournaments are held in Costa Rica.

The beautiful fish, spending more time in the air than in the water during the fight is not as powerful as the marlin, but always spectacular. Double and triple hookups are not uncommon. February is the key month with the highest concentration of sailfish and the possibility of 20 or 30 hookups a day. The year-round availability of Sailfish makes it a world leader for anglers.

Sail Fish Los Suenos Jaco
Sail Fish – Fishing in Costa Rica

About fishing Yellowfin tuna in Central Pacific Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, most anglers find yellowfin tuna, an extremely valuable commercial fish, esteemed for its very light flesh, but also valued as a sportfish. This is one fish that you want to take back to the resort for the chef to prepare that evening. Yellowfin are usually around the size of a football but can reach up to 300 pounds and begin one of the angler’s most spectacular fights. A tuna must constantly swim and is one giant muscle.

Tuna Fish

About fishing Wahoo in Central Pacific Costa Rica

Wahoo can be found anywhere in the ocean but does seem to concentrate during the summer off of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Considered a relatively rare species, the Wahoo is usually caught while the angler is looking for other oceanic species. That’s always a nice surprise because many fishermen consider the wahoo one of salt water’s finest delicacies.

Experts speculate that the Wahoo is the fastest fish in the ocean and it’s no wonder that the first scorching run can burn out the drag on some reels.

Fishing CostaRica Wahoo
Fishing Adventure in Costa Rica, A wahoo Fish

About fishing Roosterfish in Central Pacific Costa Rica

Roosterfish are one of the most sought after and exciting fishes of the inshore species that roam the entire west coast of Costa Rica. Averaging 15 to 20 pounds, forty pounders are common, and fish over 80 pounds have been taken in Costa Rican waters.

Volcanic rock outcrops are one of their favorite hangouts, but they also roam behind the surf lines and near the mouths of rivers that flow into the Pacific. There is no season that is better than another and roosters can be taken year-round. A member of the jack family, they are edible but not considered a prime food fish.

Costa Rica Rooster Fishing
Rooster Fishing

About fishing Snapper in Central Pacific Costa Rica

There are many species of Snapper. Each fish is a shallow water fish preferring a rocky bottom structure that provides baitfish and protection. The Cubera is the largest of the Snappers, often going beyond 100 pounds. The Dog Snapper is the largest of the Pacific Snappers with the world record of 78 pounds held by a resort in Costa Rica.

Each species will be a tough fighter, particularly on light tackle and although all snapper is delicious eating the flesh of the larger fish can become course.

Red Snapper Fish
Red Snapper

About fishing Dorado in Central Pacific Costa Rica

Also known as Dolphinfish or Mahi-Mahi, the Dorado is one of the most exciting fish to catch on light tackle. An extremely colorful fish, Dorados are extremely fast swimmers.

A hooked Dorado might leap or tail walk, first in one direction, then another. It’s been estimated that they can reach speeds of 50 mph (80 kmh) in short bursts. Look for them under trash lines that accumulate during the rainy season (roughly May to December). Schools of Dorado can become a nuisance for anglers looking for the larger billfish lurking below the school. The Dorado is a delicious food fish.

Fishing Seasons in Central Pacific waters

Fishing Central Pacific Costa Rica

Marlin fishing season: October is normally the top month for fishing Marlin in this area, but the action is also good in September and November. Occasional blue Marlin and the rare black Marlin are likely to be found
any time of the year.

Sailfish fishing season: mid-December to the end of April is rated the best fishing season, but the big schools often move in about October and stay longer. A few sails always show among the catch from June through September, mixed with other species that are found inshore during those months.

Yellowfin Tuna fishing season: found throughout the year as they are all along the Pacific coast, but most abundant from June to September. Wahoo fishing season: abundant in south Pacific (Drake Bay and Caños Island area) from late June to early August. Roosterfish and Snapper fishing season: these inshore gamesters are available every month of the year.

Best fishing period: from June up to early September. Dorado (also called dolphin fish or Mahi-Mahi) fishing season: are taken on a regular basis all around the year, with the best fishing

What they say about fishing in Central Pacific Costa Rica:

  “Costa Rica is an angler’s dream come true. The country’s Pacific ports and beach resorts provide access to some of the best deep-sea fishing in the world… Billfish are the country’s major attraction, with abundant sailfish and marlin off the Pacific coast, but the fishermen also hook plenty of other feisty fighters, such as wahoo and roosterfish…  

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The Pacific provides Costa Rica’s most consistently exciting fishing, with regularly caught sailfish, marlin, tuna, wahoo, roosterfish, mackerel, mahi-mahi, and snapper. The abundance of billfish has made that area famous, where experienced anglers return with reports of phenomenal catches of sailfish and marlin.”   (source: ICT – Instituto Costarricense de Turismo/Costa Rica Institute for Tourism)   “FISH tale: Tuna may have been plentiful along the Pacific coast, but none measured up to this 250-pounder caught on the Dream II, 15 miles southwest of Los Sueños Marina on 50-pound line the middle of last week.

The big yellowfin crashed frozen ballyhoo trolled just below the surface and Barrett Hall got the big tuna to the boat in only 45 minutes, battling it at the rail. The anglers also scored six other tuna in the 20-pound range, 10 small dorados, five tripletail, and a sailfish for the day. Fishing was generally the same along the coast as reported last week.”