About Us

We can organize your trip from the moment you arrive in San Jose or Liberia at a time when it is ready to go. With four boats located in Quepos and Los Suenos, Costa Rica, you can not go wrong when fishing Chaser, your choice for your next trip to Costa Rica. We invite you to visit our facilities and ships before your trip with us.

Our Commitment to quality and safety

We are a booking agency. Costa Rica Fishing Experts operates a fleet of world class. Many companies fishing in Costa Rica to promote what they call “Custom Boats”. However, this means that craft built facilities that are not designed for comfort and safety.

The boats are cheaper to build and operate, but do not About, Fishing boatscompare at all to ships constructed in the United States. When fishing the hunter, which operates a fleet of quality, American built boats are equipped with the proper safety equipment, including electronic monitoring devices EPIRB, VHF radio, first aid kit and life jackets all passengers.

In addition, we use only the best equipment available and fishing gear to ensure your trip is a success – and memorable. In fact, we do our best to ensure that all our boats and equipment are maintained in good condition at all times


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